Friday, September 24, 2010



I'm sorry; it's been a little bare and echo-ey around here lately, but dust off a chair. Things are still happening -- just outside of the internet, that's all. For one, uni break appeared and was welcomed like a tiny pink dragon bearing baskets full of cupcakes (I mean, really!). Then my mum and my little brother arrived to stay for almost two weeks! So, although some nasty mystery bug has stepped out between the cracks in the floorboards and made for some headachey evenings and general feelings of being not very happy, it's been nice to hang out and be together.

We've lazed on couches reading.
Tain and I introduced Mum to the sushi train -- and she discovered what she'd been missing out on all this time.
We've hung out at the library, because that's just cool.
We saw Despicable Me at the cinemas (watchitwatchitwatchitorelse).
We've shared the pictures, music, and memories that have elapsed over the three months we've been apart.
Mum and I watched the incredibly smart and suspenseful first season of BBC's Sherlock.
There has also been the occasional shopping trip.

Family times are good times.

* * * * *


Caitlin -- it encouraged me, too. Madeleine L'Engle is fascinating. If you read any of her stuff, you'll have to tell me what you think.

Katie -- my writing clock needs some serious winding!

Mitanika -- I can definitely imagine God saying that :).

Eweight -- well that's funny, cos I'm a fan of you.

Meaghan -- Agreed. I should probably read this once a week for the next year.

Mr. Harvie -- puns are always welcome around here. Thank you for your comment!


  1. Love the picatures as always!! Yayzers for your Mom and Tain coming to visit. Not so yayzers for the mysterious bug that visited you =/ I hope you're all feeling well/better now.
    Mmm, cupcakes!! I'm going to try a new recipe today- English biscuit cookies. A friend is popping in this afternoon so I thought it would be good to have some snackies.

    If I ever come to see you, I'll try sushi for you. I promise ;)

    Okay, I'll have to see Despicable Me... soon!

    BTW, are you a friend of Abigail Paul's? (Hidden Wisdom) If so, let me know. Have you heard of the gift surprise we're doing?

  2. So glad you could have such a lovely time with your Mum and Tain! Stick -togetherness is very good!

  3. Hey Danielle! Nice seeing you on Saturday - was great to have a chat. I have rediscovered your blog now and shall endeavour to stay in touch :)
    Lizzie B

  4. I LOVE it all. I love that you are spending time with (bits of) your family. It makes me feel fizzy inside.


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