Monday, October 11, 2010

The bottomless handbag of wonder:

Some of you expressed disbelief that I could fit all that Stuff into a regular-sized handbag. But I'm here to prove to you that my bag is not -- as some of you supposed -- the size of a small semi. I've tucked that book in next to it for some perspective. No, I think it's just a very space-efficient handbag with about a trillion sections and pockets to keep things in. And let me tell you: I love this bag. I looked for one like it (and in that exact colour) for a long time and then stumbled across this one -- in an op shop in Launceston TAS, of all places. It was an Esprit creation, brand new and still in its packaging, and I took it home for ten dollars. That was at least eighteen months ago and the bag -- which goes everywhere with me -- still looks as good as new. It is quite possibly my favourite thrift store find EVER.

* * * * *


Elizabethfay -- maybe I'm addicted to breath mints? SO GOOD TO SEE YOU TODAY.

Staish -- Route 66AD is a travel journal of one guy's road trip through the most awesome sites of the ancient world. I'm excited to read it :).


  1. Best. Buy. Ever.

    It looks gorgeous and it sounds ideal - a bag of many pockets must surely be made of win. And only $10!

  2. Ah-ha! So that's your secret! It's like Mary Poppins' bag of wonder! =D

  3. Have you had a chance to start 66 yet? I'm hanging out!


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