Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend XXVI

Except for the insistent presence of lectures and the necessity of essay-writing, my whole week felt kind of like a weekend. Every day there was some new happy thing lined up which tended to involve friends and coffee. It made for a busy week -- and a week in which not a lot of housework got done -- but a very happy one, especially since it helped distract me from the fact that some of my family had flown back home to WA.

So when the weekend arrived and I had nothing lined up, I really didn't mind. Housework was calling my name, anyway. But on Saturday morning I got a happy little text message from a friend: did I want to have coffee and poke through secondhand books at a bookfest? So we went and trawled through piles of pre-loved books (those are my finds above; I've since removed old library labels and cleaned them up) and then we sat in the treetops -- or what felt like it -- and marvelled at winter's little return trip and the rain and the swirling wild wind. It was so nice.

* * * * *


Samantha R -- yes, I'm a definite fan of Palmer's Cocoa Butter! I love their stuff!

Asea -- funnily enough, the hair clips are sort of "just in case" -- I rarely use them -- and the multiple chapsticks say more about my state of mind than that I actually use three different flavours; I just tend to toss stuff in without checking to see if I already have similar supplies in there ;).

Simplythis -- Oh now I really want to see what's in your bag!

Bonnie -- somehow I manage to get it all in there :).

Rebecca Simon -- yes! It's Lovely; you get a gold star! Oh, and just because you asked, I'll post a picture of my handbag. :)

Heartscribblings -- well thank you! So nice to hear from you :). And yes, the demand for handbag pictures shall be met! :D


  1. Oh, my. WHAT is Route 66AD? Colour me curious!

  2. Oooh, Russian Children's Literature! Do they have Ivan Tsarovich and the Grey Wolf? (That's one of my favorites.)

  3. Love poking through 2ndhand bookstores!


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