Thursday, December 9, 2010

For about fifty reasons, I need to remember this:

"I've spent too long wanting what was taken from me
and not what I was given."

Caspian, Voyage of the Dawntreader [film; 2010]

* * * * *


Amanda -- sushi is the best! Healthy and yum.

Caitlin -- another reason we are meant to be friends. :)

Katie -- henceforth I shall call them sushi fish as well. It makes sense to me!

Samantha R -- and also to tell me I was wearing my seatbelt wrong, apparently.


  1. So you saw it, obviously?? Did you enjoy it?? I thought it was excellent!

  2. How was the movie?

    (and how old is Prince Caspian supposed to be in this one?!? He looks SO old in the picture!)

  3. How amazing was it?!?! I want to do a WHOLE big blog post about the movie, particularly the bit where Aslan appears to Lucy after she tries the spell (I am trying to be cryptic so I don't spoil anything for anyone). I loved it so much. Haha, straight after watching the movie, I wanted to go home and read my Bible. I don't think that's exactly the film maker's intentions but that's what it did for me :)

  4. Ah, so she told you that you were wearing your seat belt all wrong? LOL

    Good quote to ponder on and think about!

  5. I'm going to see that film on Sunday. In Russian, but still. :-)

  6. The quote that most stood out to me in this film also.


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