Saturday, December 11, 2010

One hundred joys {trois}

21) fries and a cheeseburger -- still the best junk food and dinner for under $5 (and yes I know that mature people are supposed to have outgrown McDonald's but... I never said I was mature); 22) a farewell afternoon with a lovely friend spent watching Sense & Sensibility and discussing life and Jane Austen; 23) lace curtains making the light all soft and pretty.

24) ^ this timber pathway, down among the mangroves and the marsh grass, dotted with afternoon sunlight; 25) the thought that my littlest brother is flying into Queensland this very night; 26) everything that has ever come from Rosemary Sutcliff's pen; 27) getting a good grade in a scary subject.

28) LiveJournal, and all the excellent people I know there; 29) candlelight; 30) ceiling fans -- oh, how thankful I am!

* * * * *


Caitlin -- I enjoyed it so much. The scene at the end, with the lake covered in lilies... was exactly how I've always imagined it.

Meaghan -- re. Dawntreader: Caspian seems to be in his early twenties, which is definitely substantially older than in the book. He and Peter are meant to be close in age; re. chocolate mousse: revenge is so, so sweet; re. being on my list: you will always be 'on my list' :D; re. holidays: YES HOLIDAYSSSS! Welcome to yours! And PS: spam my blog whenever you want. I like it.

Mitanika -- inspiring you to go home and read your Bible straight away might not have been the filmmaker's intentions, but I bet it made Clive Staples happy :). PLEASE do a big flaily blog post about it. I want to read your thoughts and squee with you!

Samantha R -- I need to remember that quote and ponder it regularly.

Asea -- Saturday; that's today! Enjoy the lovely Dawntreader and remember that the sea around the ship is my sea, in my town! ;)

Rachael -- beautiful indeed :).


  1. I love your photos that go along with your posts. They make me smile. They always do!

    I gotta admit that McDonalands is my least fav. place to go but sometimes you just "need" a french fry =P

    Do you like S&S? I like it though P&P is more of a fav. with me. We've been watching Wives and Daughters recently :)

    Yay for good grades and LJ!

  2. Beautiful! I'm enjoying these 100 joys of yours :-) Happy sunny Sunday to you x

  3. That last photo is just gorgeous!

    Also, I wish I could find a way to comment on your photos on Tumblr, but it appears I'm not allowed to do so. Therefore, I shall leave a comment here: I really liked the bark photos you posted recently. There's so much beauty in them.

  4. I love it when you photograph your plates coz I have those same ones in my house too!! They are our semi-good plates so it seems naughty to be using them for fries :) However, there is nothing better than fries and a cheeseburger of the McDonald's variety, so why on earth not use them for such noble purposes?!


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