Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One hundred joys {quatre}

31) my parents arrived home here in Queensland after a 4,600km road trip from the west coast -- which, I might add, they completed in four days. The feeling of going to sleep in a house full of people is so good; 32) our swimming pool. LOVE; 33) the happy whiteness of cleaned-out kitchen drawers; 34) doing Christmassy preparation things with my little bro and marvelling at his excellent writing skilz.

36) wrapped gifts under the tree!; 37) an afternoon of grocery shopping with my Mum (an ordinary chore becomes more fun when shared with a friend); 38) the most perfect, perfect, perfect Summer day, twice in a row (and I have a theory that whenever people come to stay, it's rainy and grey. Thank you for disproving my theory this time, Mr. Sun!).

39) little ferns poking out of the retaining wall, there entirely of their own accord; 40) Christmas cards from Friends & Relations (Pooh, anyone?); 41) unexpected bargains (a gorgeous jacket, a t-shirt, and two tanks for < $25).

42) a cappella choirs in the mall; 43) my Dad turning into a geek all because of his new android phone; 44) sunglasses -- the world is so much less squinty!

45) the fact that my niece feels compelled to determine whether individual pieces of breakfast cereal are male or female; 46) my parents' collection of fascinating old treasures; 47) coconut and sesame-crusted thai chicken with kaffir lime sauce.

48) amazing friends who send amazing Christmas mail of amazingness; 49) watermelon juice all over my brother's face; 50) home, even more homey now my family is together in the one place.

* * * * *


Katie -- was it cool down your way these last few days? This weather is so remarkable, but I'm happy. Today was the most PERFECT Summer day!

Samantha R -- yes, it amazed me how opposite ends of the street could have such different skies. That's Queensland for you, I guess.

Mothercare -- you and I are together under the same sky (and roof!).

Bek -- you are delightful.

Rebecca Simon -- and you relish your holiday. Hope it's awesome!

Mitanika -- absolutely! Fries on blue and white china is the perfect blend of tacky and treasured ;).

Amanda -- we do indeed live in a land of extremes. It constantly amazes me.

Asea -- Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow? Sending some warmth your way :).


  1. An Indie Rock Coloring Book? What?! How fun! And because I'm nosey--is this the same Hayley that gave you Mockingjay which you then lent to me? Or do you have a multitude of generous and cool friends by that name?

    I'm so happy for you that your peeps are present! :D

  2. It must be awesome to have your family there!! What a road trip they had and in four days too!!

    You are soo creative!!

    Your dad and his android phone. LOL

    This sounds soooo GOOD!
    47) coconut and sesame-crusted thai chicken with kaffir lime sauce.

  3. Glad to hear your family's there for Christmas. What fun you must be having! Does the niece comment mean that A&S are there as well? Much love to you.

  4. I love this blog! I can't believe your parents drove such a long way. Phew. et it's lovely having them home again.
    Sending you lots of happy warm fuzzy Christmas wishes from Sydney xxx

  5. lovely pictures !
    Merry Christmas Darling! :)


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