Monday, January 24, 2011

Unexpected commentary on the world of Austen:

It is excellent having a little brother who will sit and snuggle with my mother and I while we watch the latest adaptation of Emma. Not only does it make my literary and fangirl heart happy, but it also provides unique insights into the film. When Mr. Elton first came on screen, my brother dismissed him as "creepy" (he was right, of course).

Later in the movie, when Mr. Elton delivered his romantic riddle to Emma and Harriet, Tain was just as intrigued by the riddle's solution as the characters were.

"Cour'ship!" Tain said, surprised.
"Yeah," I replied. "Do you know what courtship is?"
He looked at me. "It's food."
I paused for a second. "Uh, no -- not corn chips. Courtship. It's quite different."
"Oh," he said.

(By the way, this adaptation of Emma, starring Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller, is truly delightful. Their faces alone make this the best thing ever. It's like a catalogue of quirky expressions).

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The First Rose -- bravo you for stepping out into new things! I hope the choir proves to be a fabulous experience :).

H.C.H. -- thank you, friend! x

Simplythis -- thank you for getting it! I definitely have my doubts when I make these rambly posts at times. "Am I the only person on earth who thinks this way?" :)

Mothercare -- lovelove! (besides, I learnt it all from you)

SandieT -- thanks so much for reading and commenting. It's sometimes sad when our needs are unmet by the very environment we thought would provide all the answers, but I guess that every time we are individually challenged to extend love to one another, that becomes the church in action in small, personal ways. PS. I miss the beautiful land of WA; enjoy your time there, however long or short it may be :).

Abbie -- likewise, thank you for being so continuously encouraging and loving in spite of my failings! x

Rebecca Simon -- those friendships are rare, aren't they? -- but maybe their rarity only makes them more precious.

Elisabeth -- we get to be "more than conquerors" by repeatedly learning that we can actually survive outside our comfort zones :).

Asea -- that is such a beautiful image: the idea of different threads pulling together to create a friendship, with each shared thread making that friendship stronger. I love it!

Mitanika -- you are lovely; your comments always make me happy :D.

Caitlin -- ah, I love that you commented knowing that I would rejoice in whatever you have to say, regardless of the fact that you felt you didn't have the "right words"; you know me well and you were right. Thank you! xx

Amanda -- thank you, Amanda. It seems like it's a feeling/understanding so many of us have experienced. xx

Chantel -- you are so right. And perhaps it's the awkward social barriers and mystery etiquette which makes us recognise those truest friendships for the treasures that they are.

Julia -- :D xx


  1. I agree, it's a great adaption! I don't think Romola is really suited to a period drama, but Mr Knightly, well..... :D :D

  2. That is completely awesome. On the other hand, I now have a craving for cornchips.

  3. Oh that's gorgeous! I'll be on the lookout for this.

  4. Don't brothers add great balance to life? :) I can't say that mine will condescend to watch Jane Austen, but my dad does enjoy watching Elizabeth Gaskell with us, which is almost the same. :)
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Romola vs Gweneth debate.
    Much love my dear!
    Cara (from WAY across the pond)

  5. Tain is cute! :) Hurray for brothers!

  6. Cornchips! That is a great 'misheard-ism'.

    I love the BBC and their adaptations. I wish we had more access to them- or that I scanned the TV guide better! I always seem to miss the first episode of something.

  7. Oh Tain :-)
    I hate to disagree with you DD. My only knowledge of this adaption is the photo here and comments, but don't you think the age difference between Emma and Mr Knightly looks too close?


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