Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Notice of (brief) absence and all that

Well hey. If it feels like all I ever do here in old blogland these days is pop in to tell you that I won't be here, you might be right. Because, um, I'm at it again. But give me grace; I'm off to the north coast of New South Wales (solo road trip; eep!) to spend time with these cheeky cherubs, my goddaughters. I anticipate a week of tea parties, cooking adventures, reading together, swimming, and them laughing at my attempts to use the Wii. Photos on my return, okay?

* * * * *


Bonnie -- It's definitely a great adaptation! I believe it can even -- gasp! -- rival the Gwyneth Paltrow version.

Katie -- the big question: did you get some corn chips to fulfill your craving?

Rebecca Simon -- yes! Definitely do find it. You'd love it.

Cara -- SO excited to get a comment from you :D. My Dad won't watch Austen, but he really liked North & South -- as did my brother in law.

Samantha -- yay for brothers indeed!

Mitanika -- I got tired of waiting for this one to hit Australian shores and ordered it straight from Amazon UK :).


  1. Have fun on your roadtrip!

    (Alas, no, I failed to acquire some corn chips. Maybe that should be one of my plans for the weekend...)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Safe driving and have a blast. Look forward to the pics :)


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