Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This hope has been brought to you today by the colour orange

There is so much that is bleak and grey in this old world, especially lately. So much to ponder, so much to pray about. Well perhaps it's silly, but yesterday all the surprising touches of orange in my day helped things feel just a bit cheerier, even on a purely superficial level.

* * * * *


SandieT -- thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts! They are such good, meaty truth that I'm going to share them here so that everyone who has struggled with the creative life can be encouraged by them as I was: 'The lie exists that when we are talented, what we do should come easily to us. For the athlete, natural talent is not enough. He/She wins because he is disciplined, he trains, he perseveres, he denies himself to achieve his ultimate goal, pushing through the wall of pain, overcoming in exaltation to win the prize. So it is with writing. No matter how gifted the writer, it is still hard work to give your best. Keep at it! Don't give up! It is all learning and developing your craft and nurturing your talent.'

Katie -- I'll probably have another semester of study after I finish this year, totalling 3 1/2 years overall. Learning more about photography sounds great; please feel free to blog about your insights? *hopeful grin*

Samantha R -- web design? That's amazing! Enjoy the journey; I'm sure you'll do a great job :D.

Amanda -- I definitely aim to enjoy all the reading :).

Abbie -- ooh, I have The True Woman, but I haven't read it yet. And what are the titles of the other books you're reading? I'm always up for recommendations :).

Anonymous (unanonymous) -- yay indeed! YOUR DREAM CAME TRUE!

Julia -- :D They're definitely excellent subjects.

Mothercare -- But do you think you'll want to graduate? ;)


  1. Wow, that is a fair bit of orange! Is that the new VW I see?
    You're a lot braver than me wearing the nail colour! :)
    I hope I don't have any super weird dreams for a little while now! It could be scary.

  2. Love your orange nails. I don't think I could pull off the orange look but hot pink or neon green would do just as well, maybe ;)

    It's amazing what a little color can do.

    Thanks for the hope!
    I love you Etsy banner!
    I should get one that says something about photography. If I can find one.

    and thanks for encouraging me.

  3. It's great having colour all around…and orange definitely looks very cheery! And new Moleskins and orange pens are the best! :)

    The other books I'm reading are "Election and Free Will" by R. Peterson {a very interesting read!} and "Before You Meet Prince Charming" by Sarah Mally. {a very fun and encouraging read!} Oh, and I've just picked up "Caddie Woodland" too, after reading and liking it when I was little and not reading it again for years. But that's a more lighter read - nice when there is a few minutes spare to pick up! Have you got a book recommendation that you've read recently?{apart from study! :)}

    Have a lovely afternoon! x Abi

  4. Ahaha, you are hilarious. I keep losing my comments. But I'm here, reading. Especially loved hearing about what you're doing at uni this year. I think it's time for some emails, don't you?! Maybe a phone date. I'll have a landline again some time soon :)


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