Monday, February 28, 2011

Lovely listening

'Sup, homies? I'm taking a little break in the middle of my study Monday to tell you about an album you should definitely listen to: Andrew Peterson's 2006 release, The Far Country. If the amazing otherworldly cover art doesn't make you want to listen right away (though it should), here are some other reasons to listen to this album:
  • it's unlike the music I normally enjoy. I'm generally drawn to stuff with a harder edge to it or deep folkiness, and I like listening to male vocalists who have gruff voices. Andrew Peterson's music is none of those things and yet it still pulls me in.
  • this guy is more than just a musician. He is a true lyricist with the soul of a poet. Perhaps you'll appreciate that even more once you've read his blog or his stories, but the songs on this album are like individual poem-stories of their own, and are truly beautiful.
  • it will make you think good things about Jesus and the people you love.
  • it's totally free at the moment. WIN. (I love generous artists!)

* * * * *


Unanonymous -- hey, you! Yes, that is definitely a wee peek of the new VW. Cute, huh?

Samantha R -- it's funny what we are bold enough to pull off. I'd be too shy to wear neon yellow, so there you go :).

Abi -- Ooh, those books sound great! It's been years since I read Caddie Woodlawn, but I loved it so much when I did.

Asea -- your possible classes sound like grand fun! I bet you can't wait to get into exciting new things :D.

Eweight -- argh! I'm so sorry you keep losing comments! Blogger is sometimes nasty. YES. I think we definitely need to email our fingers off.

* * * * *

Small details of a housekeepish nature:

In an attempt to make this blog more comment-friendly, I've recently changed the commenting option to open in a comment page instead of simply to be embedded under the posts themselves. This is good news for some anonymous commenters who don't wish to log in with a Google or OpenID account, but how about for the rest of you? I've suddenly been inundated with spam, too, which seems too coincidental to be purely coincidental. Thoughts?

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  1. I'm downloading the music right now. You're the 2nd person to recommend it today! :)


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