Monday, March 28, 2011

lately (one):

in a trippy world of floating spheres at the gallery of modern art;

beautiful animation;

we can't walk on water but we walked under it;

postcards to uknown friends;

bright splashes of colour;

seriously not rubbish;

everybody loves lego;

happy happy happy!

(have i mentioned my favourite art is
the stuff you can actually interact with?)

i spy the socially awkward penguin!

memes: recognised by twenty-first century art!

is it ironic that i took pictures of the technology exhibit
and twenty-first century art on my ipod, leroy?

ps. thanks for your lovely comments and your warmth! i treasure all of it. conversations will be on hiatus for a little while until i get back to my regular posting schedule but i still welcome your comments. if you have any questions -- or really just want to say anything -- feel free to email @ daniellecentral at gmail dot com. love!


  1. You remind me we have similar photos that I've forgotten about. I should do something with them. Wasn't the postcard wall cool? I still haven't received my self addressed one. Postcards always have a way of taking an age to get anywhere.

  2. I especially love the first photo, and I see what you mean about amazing lego!

  3. AWESOME! Art is the coolest :D Did you really get to go down that huge slide?!

  4. Love the happy photos of happiness. The room of glowing spheres was particularly awesome.

  5. My stupid friends (who are entirely not stupid, I'm just jealous that they went to the museum without me even though I physically could not go because I was working that weekend) went to the museum and raved about it. I keep forgetting to tell you what a gorgeous photo that first one is.

    I never got the postcard Kristy sent me from there. Nor did any of the other people she sent them to. I think it's a scam!!


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