Wednesday, March 23, 2011

positively not drowning;

I'm glad none of the blog posts that I've composed in my head over the last few days actually made it to the internets. Cos folks, they weren't pretty. All laments in various minor keys about busy, busy, rush, rush, insanity, no time to make posts (which did actually prove to be true, I guess) -- and all of that. Also, I just felt grumpy and sad and I had headaches, all for reasons that still remain a mystery to me.

(I'm pretty sure my family started looking at ways they could adopt me out, maybe foist me off on some unsuspecting family before said family could find a chance to meet me.)

Besides the grumpiness, nothing's actually changed since then; it still seems to be that when I cross something off my to-do list, I add two more things on the bottom of it. Also, my sister and I are actually making appointments to call each other for chats. And there are some rather major time-sensitive projects (like, things to do with packing and moving house and also with babies getting born -- and the one thing we know about babies is that they will out) that I haven't even started on. Nevertheless, now that I'm engaged in actively working towards those things, or even simply working on other things so that then I can work on the next thing, they seem a whole lot more manageable. It feels like I might actually be doing something and getting somewhere.

All of which sounds very self-important and very busy and we all know that we hate to hear people talk about how busy they are. So I will say no more except -- I hope to be here as much as possible but you'll forgive me, won't you, if occasionally I just post little pictures of my days with a word or two here and there? Just till things settle down in a few weeks? Thanks. You're all awesome.

Actually, you're all so awesome that you've visited my blog twenty thousand times. Yes, I know; that's just a monkey's sneeze in the big top of this circus known as internetland, but it means something to me. Cheers to you! *clink*

* * * * *


Anonymous -- hehe yourself!

Mitanika -- yes please do do a daybook! (I'm sorry; that "do do" looks grammatically painful, but I'm leaving it there). Yum. Now I really want a cheeseburger.

Ruth -- ^ see above re. cheeseburger.

Rebecca Simon -- ah, I miss New South Wales and its very obvious, storybook celebration of Autumn. WANT.

Staish -- hi :).


  1. Firstly, I'm sure your family would never palm you off to some other family because you were too grumpy. If that was the way with families, I'd have had several hundred different families by now! :D

    Secondly, bravo for crossing something off your to-do list, even if two more get added to the end! I gave up keeping a paper to-do list when it got too long. Now I keep the list in my head... where I forget half of the things I should be doing! ;)

    Thirdly, busyness is a part of life. We all have those times where, for days, weeks, months, and even years at a time it seems we do nothing but run around like headless chickens quibbling over things that really don't matter. But every once in a while, when your list is clear of to-do's, you are sitting down, surrounded by loved ones or just alone and quiet, God reminds us that He is still there loving us the whole way, and He is the one who blesses us with these peace-filled serene moments; time we can "be still and know He is God." :)

    Those are a few words from a horribly incurable optimist! Hope I didn't bore you to tears.

    PS. I forgive you! ;)

  2. There is too much business, too many wonderfully put words, too many cute little metaphors in this post to comment on them all, so all I am going to say is 1) yes I look forward to tiny words and big pictures 2) I forgive you 3) try not to let this season of life pass you by without noticing all the little delights that come with it and 4) you are wonderful and I can't wait to see your new house.

  3. If only internet hugs worked the way they were supposed to . . . . consider your heart hugged by mine. There will be an e-mail in your box soon (I hope) with news of all sorts. Maybe even pictures of the grand trip to Texas. :)
    Love you much my dear!

  4. Love you, Danielle.

  5. I am very fond of your photo posts anyway, so I would be more than happy if that's "all" we get for the next little while. Good luck with your study and moving and busyness. :)

  6. Study adds a demanding dimension to ordinary life and ramps up one's stress levels on any day. You have so much going on...Like i tell my uni girl, this time isn't forever, it is just for a season.

  7. I've missed you but I fully understand what it's like to be in a busy state of life and wondering if you're ever going to have the chance to breathe again. Or just sit and do nothing but exhale. :)

    I'm in a very busy state of life right now and I almost dread how much busier that Spring will make my life and yet I fully want to embrace Spring with my whole heart.
    I'm in a rush against time too.

    Oh, yes, babies will come out! :)
    How many more weeks till they make their appearance and you are an aunt twice again?


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