Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy little home

I’m moved in! Well, I’m mostly moved in – by which I mean that the living area and wee kitchen look like a normal person’s house with some boxes and random things here and there, but my bedroom still has some of that I’m-inhabited-by-a-fourteen-year-old-male look clinging to it. I’m working on that.*

I’ve been living here for about a week now and I love it. It’s so fresh, so neat (apart from all my stuff, I mean), so adorable, so cute. Next on the agenda is to come up with a name for this little spot. I’ve been calling it the Housie, secretly, to myself, because everybody else thinks that’s just foolish. To me it makes perfect sense. Baby versions of lots of things end with ‘ie’ sounds: puppy, kitty, bunny, you know how it works. This is a baby version of a house, so why not housie? Or houseling? Houselet? I know; I’m ridiculous.

Since I'm still unpacking and tidying, no pictures of the Housie yet (I'm going to use the word in writing as often as possible, because I can't see you all rolling your eyes) -- but I'll leave you with some shots from the garden, the beautiful, beautiful garden. I eat my breakfast out on the little deck and get to look at this stuff all the time. There are so many butterflies! And so much birdsong! Plus, actual bees actually buzz. Thank you, God. Thank you, excellent parents who actually want to move into a house with a little attached flat and all this prettiness!

*Correct when I wrote this earlier today, now officially wrong. My room has morphed into something resembling a normal adult woman's bedroom with occasional juvenile touches and uncomfortable Spartan wall decor. I'll keep working.


  1. Yay! That sounds so nice. :) :) I want your life right now!

    I think Housie sounds fine! It's a House Jr.

  2. Yay for you!!! My parents named our house, so it makes sense to me. :) I'm so happy you're enjoying this.
    God bless!

  3. Housie is cute; I like it. But like you, I can see others (grown-ups!) rolling their eyes. Teehee =D

    So glad to hear that you are settling in and things are coming together.

    Oh, love those flowers!!

  4. Oh, welcome home! The Housie makes me smile.

  5. Hooray! Nesting is fun hey, despite the teenage male bedroom look ;-) House is an adorable name - keep it! Looking forward to piccies.

  6. Houseling? Hmm... that doesn't look right but in my head it sounds right. Glad to hear you are settling into your lovely new place. Complete with garden. Maybe this is why we've been having such beautiful weather... so that you can enjoy your garden??

  7. The masses demand photos! (At least, the part of the masses which consist of me.)


    Housie is a fun name! The people who roll their eyes just haven't discovered how much fun life is when you walk through it happy to experience sidewalk chalk and bubbles at every opportunity. ;-)

  8. Huzzah for moving in and settling down! It sounds as though your new place is perfect and very much worth enjoying.


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