Thursday, April 7, 2011

lately (four):

I have to tell you: moving house is srs bsns. Not that I didn't know this already; if I hadn't moved about fourteen times and experienced it previously myself, my Mum's experience -- something like twenty-four moves, give or take -- would have enlightened me anyway. Nevertheless, I still forgot to prepare myself for broken fingernails, bumps and bruises, sore ankles, confusion brought on by multiple box-packing, brain-deadness, cleaning, mouldy curtains, and the inevitable tears that seem to accompany any transition stage in my life. So there's that.

I also forgot to prepare myself for happy discoveries, the slow falling in love with a new place, the sense of overwhelming generosity of my parents, the struggle to articulate anything remotely approaching the right level of thankfulness, the kindness of a treasured friend (--bearing lasagna, no less!), the happy feeling of melting into bed each night, and the chance to actually pull forgotten treasures from my glory box and set them out in the new wee kitchen.

^ Also, there are red and white tiles.


  1. Like muchly! I feel your pain over moving. Thank goodness mine is all gone and in storage til April 28, but talk about a brain-numbing process. How did your mum do it 24 times?!!!

    Moving is a strange emotion isn't it - I didn't know whether to cry or be extremely excited when I left the 'Dale for the last time yesterday. Great memories left, but exciting times ahead.

    Love your red and white treasures!!

  2. You are moving? I didn't realize that! To another place in the same town, or a whole 'nother town? I feel so out of touch!
    I know the feeling. A bit unsettling, but there is excitement too. The chance to make new memories and friends, to discover to new places and go exploring.;)

    I love your picture! I envision my kitchen looking a bit like that one day.;)
    I just bought the gravy boat/pitcher thing that is in the picture! I found it at a garage sale.;)

  3. I love the way you write *gives jealous look*


  4. I remember that jug! :)

    Can't wait to come and stay at 'your house'.


  5. *huggles*
    Whew, you don't make me look forward to moving. Sounds stressful. And I'm sure I'll shed a few tears. If not for the process then for the thought of leaving "home".

    I love the red and white!!

  6. Packing up your entire life into boxes never is as easy as it sounds. Although on second thoughts, it doesn't sound easy either! I'm enjoying your blogging schedule (although of course I would love a new blog every day!), you never know when a new one will pop up, it's all a surprise. The peek into your new kitchen was great, it looks awesome!

  7. Glad you're in your new place and all the packing you have to do now is unpacking! :) It sounds lovely, and I can imagine the unpacking of your glorybox items is so fun and exciting! Hoping the rest of the settling in goes well, and that you'll be very blessed in your little home!
    Much love to you! abbie x

  8. Ah this is quite exciting. From this one picture it would seem the house suits your personality extremely well. I look forward to coming and seeing you in it.

  9. Your glory box?! How are you consistently the coolest person I know??

    ps. Your new house is srsly amzng


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