Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Could be any day now...

My littlest sister is due to present me with another niece or nephew soon. Her due date is the 12th of May (incidentally, my first niece's fourth birthday) so it could be any time between now and the next couple of weeks. Notice that I am speaking entirely in terminology that designates this future little human being as my niece or nephew, not their son or daughter. I will freely acknowledge that the whole reason my sisters marry and reproduce is to make me the happiest aunty in the world.

No, but seriously -- does that belly not look like the cosiest, cutest little nesting place for a small person to be hanging out? That little splodge might never want to leave.

* * * * *


Un -- His poses may not be standard, but at least he was posing, for once!


  1. Aww! That is so cuddly! Every time I see her, I just stand back and admire her tummy :P

  2. It had better want to come out!!

  3. Um... a head in that pic wouldn't have hurt!!! :P

  4. Oooo, hope the baby comes soon, Lauren.

    And Danielle, I hope you understand the aunty's responsibility to post lots and lots of pictures.

  5. Awww :)
    I'm lurking again today - rather glad I did because I've been wondering how Lauren was doing. :)
    Hugs to both of you!

  6. That's a cute photo! Definitely looks smaller than me from that shot! :(

  7. You're right, that tummy does look like a comfy abode. I don't know if the bubba is going to want to come out (sorry Lauren!). Can't wait to hear all the details. Yet another reason I hate being an only child- I'll have to wait to get to be married before I have nieces and nephews and even then, it's not fully assured. *sigh* I need a plan to surround myself with small children... wait, that sounded creepy. Danielle, why do I always sound creepy on your blog?!?!?!?

  8. I was feeling pretty fuzzy until you got all descripty about Lauren's uterus as the growth chamber for her baby...then I was a little creeped out. But I reminded myself of all the happy hormones that your brain must be flooded with at the prospect of a tiny person to squishy up to. And everything was ok again.

    I can't wait!

    ps. Any free time in the next seven days to see fit me into your schedule?

  9. Any word yet? Baby some soon!! :)
    And yes, Danielle, take lots of photos of wee baby when he/she arrives


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