Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend XXIX :: mum is the best (seriously)

To celebrate the excellence of Mum, we came from our various homes to meet at the point for a barbecue picnic breakfast. It was bright and sunny and actually cold. It was awesome.

James had the food cooking business seriously in hand.

We ate sausages, hash browns, eggs, and pancakes under the friendly arms of a big sprawling fig tree.

It was all fantastic, until this creepy guy with too many legs crashed the party and (quite literally) ended up in the drink.

Mum, thank you for being who you are.

I almost forgot. There was a little ham with our eggs, too...

Actually, that's a whole lotta ham.

* * * * *

Mothercare -- you're my biggest (only?) fan.

Katie -- thank you :).

Staish -- :D

Eweight -- I asked for your new address but you never replied so I couldn't send you the mag. However -- I got a sweet little card from you today and the BONUS FREE PRIZE is that I now have your addy and can mail you the mag. Love!


  1. I love the pics of Tain!


  2. Lovely Mother's day post!!


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