Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daybook #8

Outside my window it's Autumn -- really, truly, finally, delicious Autumn! The days are bright and sunny, crisp and fair, and the nights are cool and cosy. Also, there's lots and lots of rain. FAVOURITE.

I have been listening to old music lately. You know how you overplay music until you really need a break, and then you rediscover it again -- gleefully -- later? Yep. I've been enjoying Kutless's Strong Tower, an awesome worship album with some newer worship tracks as well as covers of songs I remember from the days when I freezed my knees off at Sunday school classes in the old CWA hall in Singleton.

I have been wearing cardigans. Cardigan weather hurrah!

I am thankful for my beautiful niece, who turns four in just eight days. I never expected to love this extraordinary little person so much, but everything she says and does amazes and impresses me. And I love that already we can be BFFs and share our delight for good books and art supplies.

I am pondering -- and have been pondering for the last week, in full essay-writing immersion -- Karl Marx's theory of social change. Ah Marx, you thought you were so scientific but inside you were such a Utopian dreamer!

I am reading When We Were Young, a collection of writers' reminiscences of their childhoods. I have a thing for childhood stories, as well as a weird penchant for processes -- especially tales of how creative people came into their gifts. This book combines both.

I am creating a schedule and a day-to-day plan as life in the new Housie settles into something of a normal routine.

I am hoping and praying for opportunities and for courage.

I am looking forward to a shopping trip with my mother and little bro tomorrow; being done with this essay; a cheeseburger date with Ruth on Friday.

A picture-thought I'm sharing is of paper starlight, part of the happy-sparkly decor at a friend's engagement party on the weekend.

* * * * *


You all -- had such excellent, thoughtful things to say in response to my last post that I can't possibly reply to all that wisdom here. But thank you. I think Katie summed it up nicely: Vengeance never solved any problems ever.


  1. I love putting my iPod or iTunes on shuffle every so often and re-discovering music I'd forgotten about. It's a fantastic way to escape for a little while.

  2. I like these posts! I always forget that I should follow the format in LJ sometime.

  3. That picture is awesome! :)

    Happy Autumn to you! We're coming off our rainy season (winter!) but now it's Spring here and it's sooo delightful.

    Yes, I totally get the music thing. You can't stand it anymore and then maybe a year later you fall in love with it again ;)

    Wow, she'll be 4? Time flies and little girls grow up!

  4. Hamburger date? I like the sounds of that!


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