Thursday, May 26, 2011

Webly goodness

I suppose this image really has nothing to do with rest of the content of this post. Only, a bookshelf fat with books next to a window streaming little slanted chinks of light says possibility and inspiration and challenge and the arty juxtaposition of light and objects -- which, in my mind, ties in with a random collection of links that have offered possibility and inspiration and challenge (and even arty juxtapositions) to me in odd moments over the last little while.

This project, called 52 Weeks, is just an amazing idea that I would love to try sometime. Basically, this lovely lady committed to taking a self-portrait and writing an accompanying poem every week. Her pictures are amazing and I look forward to absorbing her words. It looks like a great creative challenge. I wouldn't be so keen to do the self-portrait thing but maybe some other type of photography theme. And the poems? I'm so there.

Since it's a couple of weeks old by now, I'm seriously web-senile to be linking to it, but I really enjoyed this episode of the Boundless Show. The main theme of the round table discussion was appearance, and how Christians should think about such seemingly superficial issues. The podcast guests discussed the delicate balance that accompanies the idea of being good stewards of the stuff that's only skin deep. It's not helpful to be extreme at either end of the spectrum -- being constantly obsessed with appearance, or decreeing that it doesn't matter at all because we're all going to get old and die anyway -- and the discussion was really interesting. Sometimes it's discouraging to see how focussed society is on physical perfection. As someone who is far from the standard of ideal physical beauty, I frequently struggle with the idea that lack of perfection holds me back or causes me to miss out on good things in life. So it was especially encouraging to hear from one of the guys on the podcast that what he finds more attractive than being a ten out of ten or the ideal weight is the fact that a girl is actively taking care of herself and putting an effort into being well-groomed and approaching the world with a confident demeanour. That perspective might be rare, but it's encouraging to know it does exist.

This lady's blog is fairly new to me but I'm just so inspired by her creative, colourful, and fun Moleskine journalling. My journal-keeping habit has fallen by the wayside a little in the last year or two, but these journal scans make me want to take it up again, with a (great and colourful) vengeance.

Along the line of daily habits, Miss.Elaini.Ous (best name ever?) has committed to wearing the same black dress for a hundred days in a row. Her project has me thinking of new ways to use the items in my wardrobe (and my camera; the outfit shots are really lovely), but much more importantly, Elaini is using this project to draw attention to and raise money for the needs of orphans, in partnership with Warm Blankets Orphan Care. It's a good thing.

Finally, I was touched and challenged by this post from author and songwriter Andrew Peterson. A lovely story of obedience and God's grace in the sort of life-experience we all meet at some stage.

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Laura Elizabeth -- hang in there! Semester-end sisters together foreverrrrr! And yes, Pascal and Maximus are definitely excellent choices to sustain joy and hopefulness :).

Cara -- thank you so much for your rousing cheer! And I offer the same to you in regards to your recital. Go forth and conquerrrr!

Asea -- your day sounded lovely! And so many small moments to celebrate what is really an end of an incredible era in your life. :D

Samantha R -- thank you, lovely lady :).

Mothercare -- and you are even gooder for me :).

Eweight -- aaaaah! You're not supposed to say that. But, hey you -- last semester!!!!

Katie -- I'm so excited by your short story success! And I hope you win that contest I saw you refer to on Twitter. I'm your cheer squad!

Elisabeth -- I'm blessed :).


  1. Yep. Well, I adore the bookshelf.

  2. Lovely lighting on the bookshelf!

    Wow, that lady's 52 weeks project is amazing. beautiful. inspiring. I want to do it! :)

  3. Feeling somewhat less stressed- although I have an essay due tomorrow (half done) and a practical exam on Nursing methods. Ok, writing that out stressed me out... oh dear!

    Never mind. Hope you are managing your time better than me :) I enjoyed procrastinating by looking at the sites you'd mentioned!


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