Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hi. Sorry. I kind of disappeared from blogland for a bit there. Mostly it was because of final week. I did a lot of this ^. But a few others things were going on, too. Like... friend Annie's pre-wedding set-up-the-pantry party, which included the creation of elegant, pure white toilet paper wedding gowns (ours won the best prize -- quite possibly because we had the bride on our side, yeah!).

Lots of girls and lots of chat.

Also, the cutest snacks!

On Thursday it was my beautiful mother's birthday. We spent it catching up and exploring some cool local spots.

Coffees and nearing sunset at the slipway...

Just a teensy bit of camera coveting...


This. Lots and lots of this. So many late bedtimes and study sessions in pyjamas!

And now, finally, today -- this first day of holidays! And the sun came out, just to celebrate.

Gorgeous winter flowers glowed.

And everything was happy. The end.

* * * * *


Bek -- I love the bookshelf, too! My grandfather made it for me :).

Carla & Alastair -- she is indeed :).

Samantha R -- we can start our project soon!

Laura Elizabeth -- hang in there!! Is it over for you now, too? HOLIDAYSSS!


  1. Glad the holidays have arrived for you, and that you can relax! AND so excited that part of your hols will be spent with meeeee! :)

  2. What a busy week (or two!) that you've had!! Studying and fun things. A balance is always nice!

    Oh, lookie at all the cameras! *drools* ;)

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Can't wait to start our project... I'll write about it today!

  3. Or The Beginning!

    I met a lovely woman from Australia in Munich yesterday and spent the day chatting with her. It made me think of you lots. :-) (She says I should definitely visit Australia.)

  4. Ugh, no, I have AGES to go until my holidays. June 25th is my first day. For some reason all our final exams have been now, instead of at the actual end of term. Things have calmed down somewhat so I am feeling much less stressed. I just have one exam tomorrow and an assignment due in on 20th June. I will live vicariously through you and enjoy your holidays until mine turn up!!


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