Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new challenge: 52 moments

I love that breaks in the schedule of the everyday bring with them the promise of headspace and the opportunity to step outside of the now and think ahead a little bit. I'm hoping that the next few weeks (well, those either side of a planned visit down south) will be weeks of new things. I'm dreaming of a new little etsy store, a new hair colour (not the grey that my hair is attempting to become), and a new afternoon each month dedicated to crafting (the Crafternoon! All welcome!).

But today one new project is moving out of the dream zone and into the here and now. Remember the beautiful 52 Weeks project I linked to a couple of weeks ago? Blogger Shaina Longstreet committed to taking a self portrait and writing an accompanying poem, one poem/picture diptych each week, for one year. It's such an excellent concept, and one which works side-by-side with my blog's goal: that of living an examined life.

Over the last week, the lovely Samantha and I have been chatting about how we could explore this project ourselves. In her beautiful introductory post, Samantha wrote:
This is the beginning of a journey. A journey that might further open my eyes to the beauty around me. A journey that just might change how I view the world. May I see the sparkle in the raindrop, the beauty in the rose, the joy in the eyes of those who love me. May I see the green grass grow, the glowing warmth of the sun, the excitement in all there is to see.
Samantha has chosen 'simple little things' as the theme for her 52 weeks project. I am going with 'moments'. I want to take notice of the moments, and I want to challenge myself to wrestle them out of experience and into words. Sam is focussing particularly on the photography aspect of the project, and I'll be paying attention especially to the poetry. Poetry doesn't come easily for me, but it's a good sort of hard work, the sort of work that leaves your muscles aching in a happy-tired way.

I think I'm going to enjoy the struggle to find the truest way to enunciate what is only felt or seen or heard. Want to join us? We definitely welcome your companionship on this little adventure of creativity!

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Un -- :D :D :D

Samantha R -- yay! We're really starting!

Asea -- I second the motion. You definitely need to visit Australia!

Laura Elizabeth -- noooooo! I'm sad our holidays don't coincide! I wanted to be all holidayishly joyous with you! I'm so happy you only have one assignment remaining though. How do you feel the exam went? xx


  1. Ooh, that sounds like fun! I think I might take you two up on your offer and join you guys!! I do really need to start looking at the little things because they really are the best and I am having a really hard time seeing the trees for the forest.

    I will think upon a theme. Both yours and Samantha's seem like great ones, mine will probably run along a similar theme. I sense a blog post coming on!!

  2. A new etsy store sounds exciting! Do tell us more.... Hope your holidays are lots of fun and that you have a lot of time for relaxation and maybe even a chance for me to catch up with you! :)

  3. I am soooo excited!! Giddy and happy that we're doing this together. And yes, I'm focusing on the photography aspect of it but hope to throw a few poetic words in there somehow, someway when I feel inspired :)

    I look forward to seeing the "new" things in your life. New hair color and a new etsy store sound like fun!

    Love ya!

  4. What color? I'm going to dye a streak of cobalt blue into my hair just as soon as possible. Maybe the day after my brother's wedding. ;-)

    Every time I go clothes or shoe shopping I wish we were in the same vicinity and I could get you to come and squee and wrinkle your nose and help me be cute AND sensible, as you generally appear to be in your photos. I think we have a similar style. :-)

  5. Come and visit meeeeeee! I'll dye your hair for you! Etsy store is a fab idea.

  6. I'm glad you liked my theme. When do we start??

    PS Double comment post!!!

  7. I don't know if I'll have much poetic genius to add, but capturing moments is such a beautiful thing that I want to be a part, too.

    So count me in, as well! Going to write on my blog about it in a little while.


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