Friday, August 19, 2011

Daybook #10

Outside my window it's been bright and clear and sunny -- but so cold! It's a surprising departure from the weather lately, as if Winter's come out in full force for one last fling.

I have been listening to lots of Brandon Heath, Leeland, and Ben Rector. So good.

I have been wearing summer clothes, winter clothes, my school hoodie, pretty new earrings (a birthday gift from Mum), scungy clothes, dressy clothes. It's a weird confused season.

I am thankful for the weekend! for chilled family times; for reading in bed; for to-do lists even partially completed; for my little brother, even when he jumps out from corners and attacks me.

I am pondering all the responsibilities and obligations I have not yet fulfilled.

I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Normally I find books written in dialect to be awkward and unwieldy, but this one is proving to be a delight so far. I can hear the narrator's voice so clearly and so full of character!

I am creating space and order -- even if future-tense -- in The Housie. As time passes, things get re-shuffled and rearranged in the quest for better organisation. It's an ongoing process.

I am looking forward to sleeping in. So much.

A picture-thought I'm sharing is of one of the lovely, lovely birthday parcels that arrived in the mail this week. I know some truly warm and generous people.

* * * * *


Laura Elizabeth -- I know! I was over the moon when I discovered the "White" half of Strunk & White was that E.B. White! I remember being shocked, too, when I discovered years ago that E.B. was a he. I just truly thought that Charlotte's Web had to have been written by a woman.

Ruth -- that picture is a delight. It makes me want to turn all Hemingway and find a little cabin with a seaview window and tap away at a typewriter. Ooh, you read The Help? How have we not discussed this? I'm very much looking forward to the movie.

Samantha R -- it was full of loveliness :)

Staish -- me, too. I've read Eats, Shoots, & Leaves before but pounced on the chance to read it again since it's a required text for school. Punctuation and humour? Winner. I've actually started on The Help but if I'm finding I'm moving through it slowly, I'll pass it on to you and save you the loooong wait. Otherwise I'll read it quickly and pass it on to you anyway!


  1. I love these daybooks, might have to do one next week. It's hard to come up with blog ideas now I'm no longer doing my Hair posts.

    And WHAT??? EB White is a MAN?!?! You have blown my mind. Although I did read and do an essay on "The Age of Inheritance" by Evelyn Waugh and I only found out he was a man like a year ago. I wish I could find my essay because I'm 90% sure I referred to the author as a woman several times!

  2. Your daybooks are great; love them!
    And love that pic at the top. Did you take it? Good job if you did!

    I really like Brandon Heath's music.

    Little brothers *grin* ;-)

  3. Is the Kathryn Stockett book the one that the new movie coming out is based on? (It's called The Help too)


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