Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's National Bookstore Day!

This is a super-quick drive-by post to tell you -- particularly if you're Australian -- that it's National Bookstore Day. The finger is a) pointing to the vintage Penguin paperbacks that are perched on my picture rail, subliminally showing you just how much I care about books, and b) sternly instructing you, SuperNanny style, to go visit your favourite local bookstore today, and let it know it's important.

And no, kids, is not a bookstore.

Okay, I'm off -- to the bookstore!


  1. Well I don't have a local bookstore so that's helpful :(

  2. I had no idea of this fact until I read your post, yet I browsed through a book sale earlier today and spent most of the day organising my bookshelves. That seems like a pretty good celebration of National Bookstore Day!

  3. Oh... I didn't know about this until I saw your post at nighttime :( I wish I could have brought up big in the book department!

  4. You need to see this immediately!!!!!!!!!

    I would probably buy these if they were real! Bronte sisters action figurines!!

  5. Ah! I wish I had known! I've been wanting to explore some old bookstores locally. Ah well. I can still do that without the special day. :) P.S. Thanks for the comment on Daddy Long Legs! I had no idea there was a book, and now I totally want to read it. Especially is Jervis is younger, because that's just more satisfying. No offense to Fred Astaire. hehe


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