Monday, August 22, 2011

Project 52: eleven

Plot marker, Cleveland cemetery.

* * * * *


Laura Elizabeth -- 1) yes, do a Daybook post! It's a fun way to record latest interests and consuming passions; 2) Yes! I definitely imagined Charlotte's Web being written by a woman. And didn't Downton Abbey have a male Evelyn character, too? So weird. 3) thank you for sharing that video. I LOVE IT! "GIRLS CAN'T WRITE BOOKS HA HA HAAA!"


Eweight -- you have my sympathies. I've frequently lived in bookstore-less towns and it's sad. We don't have a secondhand bookstore nearby so I feel your pain at least in a minor way.

Katie -- appropriate celebration activities indeed!

Samantha R -- yes, I did take that picture. Thank you! Ah, and I'm loving Brandon Heath! He's fairly new listening for me but I'm loving it. What other musos do you enjoy?


  1. Intersting picture. Yes, intersting. You read that correctly.

    I love that Bronte sisters video so much :) I love that line that one of the girls yells, something like "You narrow minded cur!". Seriously, the olden days had the best insults.

  2. Pictures like these make me wonder about the life that this post represents...who put it there, what were they like? Endless questions that may never have answers but somehow are just fun to wonder. :)

  3. I really like "Mercy Me", some Barlow Girl, Chris Rice, Chris Tomlin, some Matthew West, John Waller, some Casting Crowns, Kathryn Scott
    Celtic Woman
    Kate Rusby
    Josh Groban, Mark Ballas (a few songs), Colbie Caillat

    I like Contemporary Christian, Classical, a little country (Alison Krauss!) and a little pop. :)


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