Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on repeat: white owl

Josh Garrels' latest album, Love & War & the Sea in Between, was mesmerising from the first play. Sometimes albums take a while to grow on me, but this one has proven to be an instant favourite. I've listened to the first track, White Owl, a ridiculous number of times, and just yesterday I stumbled across this beautiful animation. It's the perfect complement to the song; together, they create a whimsical and haunting parable that soars. It makes me think of a reimagined Pilgrim's Progress. I'm really loving it.

By the way, you can download the whole album for free through NoiseTrade. This, in itself, is very cool, and I think it says a lot about Josh Garrels as a Christian artist. Bravo!

* * * * *


Jessica -- hey, thanks for your comment!

Staish -- yay poetic reciprocation!!

Laura Elizabeth -- yippee Ira Glass fans! WOOOO! And the Moth! Do we like all the same media? Oh, and I owe you an email enthusiastically discussing Jane Eyre and possible viewing thereof!

Bethany -- thank you :).

Samantha R -- exactly! :)

Cara -- I hope you get lots of culinary inspiration from that blog. It actually makes me hungry :). Much love to you!


  1. Oooh likey likey. Dan is right into NoiseTrade, so I've just got him to download it for me. Hooray for new music, and good Christian stuff at that.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, girl!!


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