Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project 52: nine

Stradbroke Island, looking west.
[Bonus: looking east]

* * * * *


Samantha R -- I guess the beauty of a project like this is that we can make up our own rules and change it up a little when it's needed. I'm like you; some weeks it feels so easy and then other weeks it's a genuine challenge / Yes, Lauz's nursing apron was made by my sister Andrea. Everyone comments on it; it's so cute and practical!

Laura Elizabeth -- Yes!! This is the awesome thing: we can each interpret the project in a fun way / Ah, North & South! LOVE. It's probably one of my favourites EVER. And here's a surprise: even my dad likes it. I've shown it to several guys who enjoyed it, which is rare for a BBC drama. Oh, and yes, I have quite the soft spot for StJohn, too. I guess I like my gentlemen a little more open and upfront, less emo and brooding.

Staish -- Mum still wants poems, too :). It's a good challenge, so I hope to keep sharing them, perhaps just to a less rigid schedule. By the way, I miss your poems.

Un -- Okay, we HAVE to go to Noop next time you are up. AK would totally love it, too (girls' day!!). And your reference to Tain the Bandit made me quite literally LOL. :D :D :D


  1. In that case, I would be willing to strike you a deal of reciprocity. I understand that I've been imbibing a little too heavily from the WW pipe as of late that causes me to think so strategically...but it makes me so aware of what I would be willing to bargain with to get what I want ;)

  2. So pretty! I went to Straddie for school camp once. Twas fun. That picture looks so peaceful, hope you had a good time.

    Also, I LOVE This American Life! I will be sure to check out that episode. I am in love with Ira Glass' voice. Do you listen to The Moth too? It's pretty similar.

  3. It's perty there! :)

    I think making up our rules is perfectly fine. After all, who says we have to do it just like it was done originally? *Grin*

    The nursing apron is cute AND practical. My friend Meg loves hers.

  4. Hey dear heart! Thanks for the heads up about Gluten-Free Girl! I'm going through recipes as we "speak" :)
    Hoping to get a long-owed e-mail for your birthday.
    Much love!


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