Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project 52: an update [2]

You might've noticed -- although you probably didn't -- that there was no Project 52 post last weekend. Partly that was because it was a bustling weekend full of happy activity, and partly because my whole 52 Moments project is having something of an identity crisis.

My problem is simply this: the whole picture-with-poem thing doesn't seem to work very well with my stated theme which is, of course, about the small moments that stand out each week. While I've been relishing the challenge of writing a poem every week (and sometimes it's been about as easy as, I don't know, hand-numbering the pages of the OED), often times the poem that appears will require some floaty, generic picture. Or else, the picture itself tells the whole story and no poem is required. It's as though one cancels out the other.

So I am left with, I think, just one or the other. And because pictures seem to connect more with readers (and blogs are about the readers, otherwise we're all just keeping weird journals on the internet), and because I want to become better at taking them, maybe... I'll just stick to images?

You can see how convinced I am of this by my own question mark. I'm willing to be swayed either way. What do you think? And for those of you who are also embarking of the Project 52 idea, how's it been going for you?


  1. I think it's easier for me to write something first and then take a picture. But that's just me.

    It works both ways equally well, I suppose.

    Just do what you want do do!
    Write about life.
    or show us what your life is like :)

    Some weeks it's easy for me and some weeks I feel like I'm struggling to find my creativity.

  2. I have given up on the poetry angle completely :) I just write a short(ish) piece next to a photo. I call it 'prose', which sounds better than just a bit of writing!

    I rarely have my camera on me when cool, fun stuff happens so often I have to take a photo that reminds me of what happened. Like, in my first post I took a photo of the outfit I wore to dinner, instead of a photo at dinner which would have been much better.

    I do understand that it's tough and usually I pick what I feel like on a Sunday, not what really represents my entire week. Like my one for this week is just a funny moment from today.

  3. No fair, I want both! But I know I'm greedy so I suppose I should settle for just one or the other :/

  4. I've been happy with my arrangement of just a photo. Not that I write poetry anymore anyway, but even if I did, I find it's usually too personal to be putting on the blog. But that's not what you were asking so...well, I'd like to see more of your photos. :D So whatever means more photos is good for me!


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