Friday, September 9, 2011

The elusive/illusive normal:

I had four assignments to finish and hand in for school this week, so this morning found me making last-minute adjustments to the final two. Printing, editing, scribbling with a red pen, tweaking stuff; you know how it goes. By midday, they were done and emailed. I had a bunch of errands to run, so I changed out of my lounging/editing clothes and tried to work some level of appropriateness into my hair before joining my mum and little brother for the quick drive to the mall. There, I tried on a variety of clothes in an attempt to use a gift voucher before it expired (success -- I hope. Things invariably look different once you put them on, at home, a few days later). The three of us ate lunch in our small-town excuse for a food court before heading out in search of various groceries (them) and some last-minute gift additions (me) for a birthday package to be posted tomorrow. Back at home, I had half an hour to do a quick pick-up of the house (a few days of under-the-weather and things looked partway to topsy turvy) before my music student arrived.

Tidying done, I was brushing my teeth and attempting not to look dog-tired when I started thinking about the rushed (but-not-frantic-really) pace of the day, how I always seem to be handing my assignments in the day they are due (and never a week or two early, as in my happiest dreams), how I was tidying things because a student was coming and not because I'd actually made a space in my day for doing that -- and I thought, it would've been different if this week was normal.

Of course, it struck me immediately like a smug little tweak of the nose: THIS IS NORMAL, DANIELLE. Whatever a day throws at you, whatever life requires, is your normal. You just have to take what comes and make the most of it.

Following that line of reasoning reminded me that shopping doesn't disrupt a 'normal' day; it becomes part of the normal day. Handing assignments in early doesn't matter. Getting them done and done to the best of my abilities by the deadline is all that's required. And who cares why the house gets tidied? -- just make sure it does get tidied. This is life, Danielle. Live it.

(and it makes me laugh that just last night I asked my mother, How can we learn to live in the moment?)

* * * * *


Jessica -- ha! I relate to this line of thinking.

Bethany -- absolutely! (although today does feel like Winter all over again!).


  1. I'm a bit like you in this post. I'm always waiting for my real life to begin and then I have to stop and tell myself "No, *this* is your real life- make the most of it!!!". If only I had that on a bright neon sign flashing in my face every five seconds, I think I would get more stuff donw!

    What music do you teach?? I don't know this factoid about you!

  2. Dee Dee, I loved this post! Thank you sooooo much... it was just what I needed to hear. My "normal" has changed, and is changing every day at the moment... such a big thing to learn. Godliness with contentment is great gain, hey. :) Love you lots xo

  3. I gave up on my hair today. Oh. Blah. But oh well, who cares! haha
    There's thunderstorms in the area and my hair insists on being frizzy.

    Sometimes I wonder why I bought a certain clothing item too when I really don't care for it as much as I thought I did in the store.

    Thank you for reminding me of what really is normal. Today is normal. It's my life and the life that God has given me and it's a blessing!

  4. Did I seriosuly not comment a reply to this post, yet? I must have dreamed...?

    Anyhow, I am SUPER glad you had this revelation. We do what we can, and that is ok. More than ok. We do what we can with joy and that is excellent :)

  5. Nice post! I think I needed to hear this :) Was fun yesterday! :)


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