Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project 52: fourteen

a spring bouquet from mum.

* * * * *


Anon -- true, true ;)

Laura Elizabeth -- I've always secretly wished I was a mysterious person with many secrets. Alas, I am not, but it's nice you discovered a factoid about me you didn't know :D. I teach piano and music theory. I used to do it full time, but now it's more of an occasional student thing.

Carla -- 'godliness with contentment is great gain'; what an excellent way to summarise this whole discussion. Thank you for relating! I love you. Also, a million stars for making a blog comment whilst settling into life with a new baby.

Samantha R -- stormy frizzy hair sisters unite! My hair's like a barometer.

Staish -- 'we do what we can with joy'. I like that a lot.

Lauren -- yay a comment from you! I'm glad you could relate. And yesterday was fun :D.


  1. I have now missed two whole weeks of Project 52!! And I'm not really feeling bad about it. Not sure if I'll pick it back up. It doesn't help that my camera is really unreliable. Maybe I can pick it up again in the New Year?

    Your bouquet is beautiful! And yes, you are terribly mysterious with your piano playing :)

  2. Also, yes, that dessert restaurant was Freestyle. I think I need to go back to get something that I will LOVE. It was sad because everyone else raved about their dessert item and I was like "meh, mine was ok". I need to be wowed!!

  3. It's raining with thunderstorms and it somehow reminds me of Spring. I'm glad your enjoying your Spring :) Beautiful photo!

    Haha, stormy frizzy haired sisters unite; love it!


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