Saturday, October 8, 2011

[life stories] lightning

(no pictures, just words):

It had been kind of a weird day, for a Saturday. Unmet expectations, plans shelved in favour of other plans that didn't eventuate, lingering at home for visitors who didn't come, thoughtless words spoken, then regretted. Face twisted, teetering on the verge of tears all day long, fighting against sadness with no real legitimacy, no explanation.

Just one of those days, I guess.

After dinner, we walked, the four of us, down the hill to get ice cream. We smiled and talked and felt the breeze turn to cold on our already-summerised skin. It helped, to step out of the normal into another normal.

We compared notes:
Try the peanut butter choc.
I got hokey pokey but it's super rich.
Really? I had it, too, and I thought it was okay.

Above the shop roofs, past the power lines, beyond the dark shadow of trees and bush and whatever beyond that, lightning twitched. It came in sheets first, quick flashes like some divine photographer was priming his camera. Then, as we began the walk home, it morped into forks, flickering from the top end of the sky down to stab the earth. Rain followed, fat drops of cold which fell one by one at first and then nearer together. Finally, it came in vast uncountable waves. We jogged, walked, and then ran up the hill.

Move faster -- and don't hide under any trees!
Sure. But I don't want to run to save myself from lightning only to die of a heart attack once I'm home.

We laughed, but I suspect it was only half fun. The other half was fear-fuelled exhilaration. There was a possibility of danger, and that was enough.

We stumbled onto the verandah of the house and stood there while water pooled around our feet. My shoes were sodden and heavy. My mascara had run and the ghostly black circles under my eyes must've made me look ghoulish.

"I no scared no more," my brother said, entirely too loudly. He was breathless and wide-eyed but grinning.

Happy Saturday.

* * * * *

Conversations in tomorrow's post (when I'm not so sleepy).


  1. I'm sorry your Saturday wasn't all you anticipated it would be. But yay for ice-cream, hey? :)

  2. Sorry for being the visitors who didn't show up! But seriously, you wouldn't have wanted us I'm sure! :) This morning was lovely! Thanks for coming :)

  3. We did have such a fun end to the day. Good to laugh together, ..and see fun movies.

  4. How crazy was the weather yesterday?! Although we only had thunder and lightening in the morning (I woke up to it actually!), from about 1pm onwards, it was a gorgeous day.

    I do love a good crazy storm. Sorry it ruined the ice cream experience though!

  5. I'm glad you made it safely indoors! Storms are much better appreciated when you're safe and dry.

  6. Crazy days.... but there's always something good in each day like that, isn't there?


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