Monday, October 10, 2011

Project 52: eighteen

-- tea and coffee, Mum's and Dad's, plaid and mustaches.

* * * * *


Laura Elizabeth -- I like it that we experience the same weather and that you know exactly what I'm talking about! PS. Good luck with your intense week of school! xx

Samantha R -- better late than never indeed! This one's going to just scrape in before it clicks over to Tuesday. Oh, and I expect to see lots of Autumny pictures as everything turns red and gold over there. Lovely!

Un -- BREADTOPPPPP! (let's have some when you come next, right?)

Rebecca Simon -- "Spolphet" made me laugh, too! Word verifications can be hilarious :D :D :D.

Jessica -- it's an amazing, tree-lined street. So beautiful!

Carla -- aww, that would be so much fun! The bunch of us and assorted extras all getting together for a reunion (I'm imagining it in cabins by the beach. Sound good?).

Meaghan -- HGDHASGDFHGHGHGSHDHG!!!! << okay, that was dangerous. I started clicking like a crazy person and accidentally opened up weird dialogue boxes.

Cara -- ice-cream and a crazy run in a lightning storm definitely turn things around :).

Lauren -- your comment made me lol :). See you tomorrow night!

Mothercare -- it was good, indeed. Thanks for 'getting' me.

Katie -- I quite love a good lightning storm -- from the shelter of my house!


  1. Why are my mugs so boring?! I love that even though it's getting summery, there's still a chill in the air (esp. in the mornings), which means I can still get my tea on!

    Also, I am pencilling another meet up for us, some time in November.

  2. That moustache mug is made of win.

  3. Cute :)

    Ok, I suppose that means that I'd better get to shooting some photos! We have a lot of pine trees which stay green all year round but we do have some colors that are loverly!


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