Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday afternoon at the Housie:

The Housie got a little mini-makeover this weekend with a cute pine chest of drawers my Mum sourced for me for freeee. Since Mum was also reorganising the study in her own house, my childhood writing desk (which my little brother had been using) got returned to me, too, so I had two new pieces of furniture to find a home for in this fairly small space. I spent most of Saturday shuffling and setting up, but the Housie is kind of amazing. Every time I reconfigure the arrangement in here, I manage to fit more in without making it less spacious. I'm quite in love with this chest of drawers. It's nothing special as far as furniture goes, but somehow it just suits. I've filled the drawers with my DVD and CD collections (with a couple of drawers left over; I'm thinking art supplies) and moved the squat little bookcase usually assigned to this purpose into a different corner. It now houses my Penguin paperbacks, books on wordcraft, and stacks of magazines.

I love that the living room looks a little more spare and maybe a little more masculine as a result (shared and public spaces shouldn't be too girly, right?). My brother Tain looked it all over and told me my house looks "like a library." I'm taking that as a definite compliment.

And my half-bedroom-half-office is reorganised just in time for the return of uni, which has started up again today. It's my final BA semester, which is impossibly hard to believe. Three years has gone by entirely too fast!

I've only got three subjects this time round, since that's all that's left to complete my degree: Creative Non-Fiction, Medieval History, and Themes in Australian Literature. Each unit is appealing to me for different reasons, but I'm especially excited about creative non-fic. Really well-written, true writing is an art form all to itself. I'm keen to learn lots more about it.

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Amanda -- sensory overload! I think it was easier to process in real life than it is to look at the pictures.

Un -- yes. It would've been cool to have visited in the early days and then again now, towards the end of the project.

Sarah -- glad you enjoyed the pictures! It was a fun experience to wander through.


  1. I *LOVE* your decorating taste. It's an entirely perfect boom-chicka mix of anthropology, geek & etsy lovin'.

    I would be sitting on that lounge, smug & proud as punch with myself if I was you!

  2. Your mini-makeover looks lovely and very enjoyable! I'd love to pop in and see it for real, but as it's a bit far to do so, thanks for posting photos! :) Fresh new arrangements are so fun to do, especially when the pieces of furniture have 'history' behind them. I love the bunting on your wall!
    Enjoy your last semester at Uni - I'm sure it will fly by!
    Lots love, Abbie x

  3. Your place looks absolutely gorgeous with its new additions. Plus, I absolutely love that bunting. Surely every house should have bunting in it somewhere!

    I can't believe you've almost finished your degree! It seems like you just started it a few months ago.

  4. I really like your new room decoration. The chest of drawers look really splendid with everything around it:) yes, your room looks quite scholarly now:)

    Wow, that's great! Your nearly done with your degree! That's exciting! I can't wait to finish mine:)...quite a while to go still, but getting there:) those courses certainly look interesting. God bless it all for you.
    In Him,


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