Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project 52: thirty-seven

This week, my Project 52 post is exceptionally late. I've been meaning to get to it since Sunday, but now I'm kind of glad I had to wait until today because, look! These are drops of rain clinging to my window screen, and behold, today is cold and grey and rainy. It's a perfect posting match! The only problem is, on days like these, I just want to eat hot chips and watch old movies, and none of those options are open to me right now.

How is your week panning out? What's made you happy this week? What's got you concerned? What are you reading or watching or listening to? And what would you particularly like to see me post about next? I have a few posts in the pipeline, but I'm always inspired by your suggestions, too.

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Hannah -- your description of my decorating style is an amazing compliment. Thank you! And maybe one day we
will be hanging out on the couch together, sipping cocoa?

Abbie -- thank you! Isn't it fun how refreshing a little rearrangement can be?

Katie -- I agree with your decree. Let's make bunting compulsory!

Sarah -- studying is so much fun! What subjects are you taking this semester?

Samantha R -- it was totally yum!


  1. Very pretty bokeh! I love it.

    Continuing the theme of photos - my week has been great because I got to take photos at work on Wednesday and I get to take more tomorrow. I love being able to use my camera more and more and improve my skills. It's fantastic!

    I hope you're enjoying your week. :)

  2. Mmm hot chips & old movies sounds sooo good. I love rainy days.
    It's 31 degrees here today - seems like summer has finally decided to pay a fleeting visit before autumn arrives!
    My week is getting better - I have been sick and Isaac has been teething so we've been rather under the weather.

    Things that have made me happy:
    1) An outing last night with Bible study friends to the handwritten manuscript exhibition at the National Library last night, which was accompanied by free live classical string quartet music and pizza at a cafe.
    2) Watching a couple of movies on the lounge - the best when you're sick
    3) Seeing Isaac grin and giggle, even when he's not well

    Things that have me concerned:
    1) The current hoo-ha in the political world. That's a combo of entertainment and eye-rolling-when-are-they-going-to-stop-their-petty-fights-and-start-governing-the-country.

    Things that I've been reading:
    Romans, Amazing Grace, Loving God with All Your Mind
    right now ABC news 24, then I watched Notting Hill (lame) and Monster-in-Law (lame but funny)
    Chris Tomlin & Bach

    I'd like to see you post about your latest literary adventures and what you've cooked lately!

    Sorry for the blog post on your comment feed :-P

  3. Cocoa & couch? Its a date.

    My week is happy because:

    1} My mother-in-law joined the gym so now we can go together.
    2} My hubby is doing Cert IV in Training & Assessment and got one of his filmed sessions out the way (what makes him happy makes me happy).
    3} A new awesome book arrived for me (shall blog about it!)

    It's been so nice and warm here, I don't feel like movies so much, just running around the park in the 8pm sun...

    How is your week panning out? What's made you happy this week? What's got you concerned? What are you reading or watching or listening to? And what would you particularly like to see me post about next?

  4. Looks like iridescent confetti :)

  5. I recently discovered RadioLab podcast. It's so good. It's like This American Life, but it's about science. Which sounds totally boring but it's not. And not really about science either. I think you'd enjoy it. AND unlike TAL, they have all the old episodes on itunes for you to download and listen to.

    This weekend, Girl Roomie and I sat on the sofa and watched Freaks & Geeks. And I GOT A CAT!!!!! Well, it's still a trial as it depends how she gets on with the dogs but at the moment, there is a real live cat sleeping on my chair. Bliss!!

  6. Well, Danielle.What a week I've had! I was finishing a take-home exam - four essay questions with average 1,200 words each (different topics). I'm getting used to it but I'm always happy to click the send button at the end:) Yay, another semester is over and am starting a new one this coming Monday! holiday, unfortunately:( But weekends are not bad at all, are they? I've got a lot to be thankful for:)I've done a couple of units the last two semesters on the Early Church (1st-5th centuries AD), which have been really interesting. This semester I'm studying the history of culture and society in Early Modern Europe (1400-1800), and Internet Design (elective). I'm really looking forward to them.
    I hope you have a great week, Danielle:)
    God Bless,

  7. Hi Danielle,
    Please click on this link to one of my blogs:

    I've got a little surprise for you:)
    love in Him,

  8. Bokeh and green.... love it!

    I wish I still had time for project 52. *sigh* Maybe I do... I just need the inspiration and motivation again!

    However, I'm happy because I got to do a photo shoot on Saturday and they turned out lovely. :)


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