Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 52: thirty-eight

-- green and white and crisp, crisp blue.

* * * * *


Katie -- and it's lovely that your work calls for you to use your photography; when I "have" to take pictures, it sort of adds a sense of urgency and legitimacy to the creative pursuit. Not that taking pictures isn't legitimate on its own merit, but -- you know.

Lauren -- thanks! And thanks for having me today :).

Rebecca Simon -- don't ever apologise for lengthy comments. I LOVE THEM. Your lists made me so happy to read. I love getting to have a peek into what's inspiring the minds and hearts of my friends! The handwritten manuscript exhibit (plus classical music!) sounds amazing. And yes! I'll be delighted to post about literary adventures and cooking fun. Thanks for the inspiration :).

Hannah -- running around in the park in the 8pm sun sounds amazing! Not many more days for it, though. Summer is on its way out...

Un -- it really does look like confetti!

Laura Elizabeth -- ooh, I'll have to check out RadioLab! I actually fully understand how a science podcast can be interesting. I feel the same way about Planet Money. I'm entertained and I'm getting smarter (at least, I feel like I am!).

Sarah -- your take-home exam sounds like an epic effort! Wow. It's always such a relief when those kind of assessments are done, isn't it? Your units this semester sound intriguing, too. I'm studying the Europe just prior to the period you're studying. Together, we'll have a good handle on Europe :).

Samantha R -- some seasons it's just hard to find time to crave out for the little extras, isn't it? I'm feeling that way about blogging lately. I really want to get into it, but the more time I'm away, the harder it feels to come back to it.


  1. LOVE this photo. I think I saw it on instagram (or a similar one) and was very taken with it. It's gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE STEPHANOTIS!!! It just smells so glorious too, doesn't it! :)

    I'd hoped to have it in my wedding bouquet, but alas, it's very expensive to have done... here's one example:


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