Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March photo-a-day, week one:

1. up

2. fruit

3. my neighbourhood

4. bedside

5. a smile

6. 5pm

7. something I wore

How are your #marchphotoaday shots looking?

* * * * *


Caitlin -- I'm only a couple of chapters into Veneer, but it's proving to be an excellent read so far.

Brenda -- you'll have to let me know if you end up reading any of them :).

BushMaid -- :D Reading Like A Writer is EXCELLENT. I learnt heaps from it.

Rebecca Simon -- haha! I didn't think of the relationship between Eggs and your husby. Hee! And yes, Ethel Turner was one of my childhood favourites, and even as a grownup, her books still work for me.

Rach da Axe -- Finish This Book is like a journal of creativity. It's basically an entire manual sending you on little secret missions and getting you to do creative mini projects. It's fun and quirky! I think you'd love it.


  1. These are some great photos. Especially love the smile one.

    I keep attempting to start the photo challenge but think I'm now too far behind to catch up maybe I'll try tomorrow.

  2. Ohmygoodness! Do you always have that many books on your bedside table?!?!

  3. I'm glad for my sanity that I'm not doing the picture a day March version but then I see your pictures and I kinda wish I was!

    I'm halfway through Bk 2 now. Powering through!!!!! As soon as I finished Hunger Games, I went and watched the trailer for the movie and got very excited. I'm still annoyed at the casting for Peeta, I can't get a crush on him- I'm too used to him being a kid. Oh well!

  4. Thanks! So good to see these! I love all your shots, you take pictures from a good angle. :) Got to love the graffiti...

  5. Fun pics! I'm finally starting... think I will just try to catch up... doesn't matter if it's not on the exact day does it? :) My favourite so far is the Up.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! We had the same idea for day 5 :D !!!

  7. lovely pics, Danielle. Thanks for sharing:)


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