Friday, March 2, 2012

Marching on:

There are so many possible and overused puns to be created about March, and -- aren't you proud of me? -- I resisted them all except for that teeny and probably not too cheesy one right there in my post title. I'm excited about March, for a bunch of reasons. It signals the beginning of Autumn. It contains my sister Lauren's birthday. And there are a heap of fun, creative things happening throughout this month, too.

Today my teeny little group of writer-friends (newly christened The Fig Tree Writers) handed in a grant proposal to our local arts council in pursuit of funding for a two-day screenwriting workshop with super-cool wordsman (and lecturer and published author and scriptwriter) Dr. Venero Armanno. My role in pulling together the proposal has been fairly minor compared to the work of the other ladies, but it's been exciting to see the process evolve and be behind-the-scenes on the chasing around, the gathering of potential attendees, the flurry of emails back and forth, and the meetings. Now to sit back and wait -- a few months! -- before we find out if our grant's been approved. Here's hoping!

What else? I'm taking part in the #marchphotoaday challenge, curated by the lovely photographer-lady fatmumslim, who came up with the list of prompts. I joined #janphotoaday too late to really get involved, and loved #febphotoaday a LOT, so I was excited to get a new month's worth of fun photography challenges. The idea is to take a picture each day, inspired by that date's photo prompt (see up there?). How you interpret that prompt is completely up to you -- and getting to see the different ways everyone does that is one of the fun parts of the project.

I'll be posting my pictures to instagram (my handle there is ohdeardanielle) where it's easy to follow everyone's progress by visiting the #marchphotoaday hashtag. However, you can engage in this project in whatever format you want. If you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, take pictures with your digital camera (and post them to your blog!). It would also be a great way to reacquaint yourself with a film camera you haven't played with in a while. There are so many fun ways to do this.

Another March happening I'm excited about is the March of Books over at I'm singing that same old song when I tell you that I really, really like books. It only follows, then, that an entire month dedicated to all things bookish has to be a lot of fun. Throughout the month, YLCF team writers will be posting book reviews and book-related talk (I've got three posts lined up). There's also an opportunity for you to be involved (and maybe make more blogging friends at the same time) by posting reviews to your own blog, and sharing in blog link-ups throughout the month. There are some cool book giveaways, too -- and who doesn't love free books? So do join us for that little bookity bloggity adventure.

Of course, all that just serves to remind me that I am yet to do anything very concrete with my little March of the Penguins project. I've read the first book in my epic journey, and once I was done, I started dreaming about doing a video post to review it. Then I got scared off that idea, and I stopped altogether. Silly. March would be prime time for me to reignite the Penguin book review extravanganza flame -- especially since I get double the pun value. Originally the joke was on the Penguins bit, but with it being March now, my project title packs a double-pun punch -- or maybe it just kills two (flightless) birds with one stone?

Okay I'll stop now, but before I go: what is the one best book you read over Summer (or Winter, if you're in that part of the world)? To make it even pickier, no re-reads allowed. It has to be a first-time read.

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Laura Elizabeth -- oh, that is a fabulous name! Can you please adopt a newborn baby tomorrow and name it Autumn? Thank you. Also, I agree with your reasons for liking Autumn and Spring, and that's probably why they both vie for position as my favourite season.

Carla & Alastair -- Carla, you know so much more about plants than me. I had no idea what it was called! You're right; it would make an AMAZING wedding bouquet. Also, I hadn't actually put "polar bear" and "groom" together in my head, so when you said that, I started imagining a polar bear in a suit, and... it was quite handsome.

Joy -- happy Autumn to you, too! As I was saying to Laura above, Autumn and Spring fight for favourites with me. Whichever one is coming the soonest usually gets to be my favourite :).

Hannah -- you do write the cheeriest little blog comments! Thank you for being a sweetie. xx

Lauren -- <3

Elizabeth -- :D

Un -- she's so "photonogenic" ;)

Katie -- isn't it a lovely chair? It was my Mum's gift to my Dad for Christmas. I'm a tad envious.

Meaghan -- ha! If I started to turn brown and crinkly like an Autumn leaf, I'll take a picture of myself and post it here :D.

Rebecca Simon -- and as if to spite us, Summer's just turned up the heat over the last few days, vindictive little season that it is!


  1. The March of Books sounds great - I may link up!

  2. I love the Marchphotoday idea!!!

  3. *raising hand * Oh me, oh me!! So not a photographer, but my sister's amazing photos make me wish I was. I'm about to adopt the theory that the more one practices, the better one gets. :) Its probably idiocy to take on another project at this point, but I'm going to do the March Photo challenge.
    Much to tell you - and maybe a few videos to share . . . just got back from the Yellow Rose State and a chubby nephew. :D

  4. Good luck with all of it: the grant and the photography challenge! I hope you'll post some of your March photos to your blog, too - I'd love to see them.

  5. I'm with Cara...Definitely not a photographer! As you know, usually the only photos I take are of my kids, and usually not awesome pics, just when I remember that's it's been a while since I last took some snaps. Buuuut, I'm thinking that I may give this a go, the March photo project sounds kinda fun! :)
    I'm not sure when I'll start exactly, but I decided if I do, I'll just end it about the same time next month, so I can still do each pic on the right day.
    Also, a question...I'd love to see your pictures, would it be way too much trouble for you to also put them on your blog? :))
    Sam's also considering doing the March photo thingo! :)
    Un xx

  6. I agree with "un" :) - please put the photos on your blog as I can't see them either - only if it's not too much trouble!! I'd love to see them....

    Much love!!!!

  7. Oh, I am trying to think of a good book that I read this summer. I have been indulging in a LOT of YA fantasy which has been a wonder for my brain. I guess the best book I read/am currently reading (haven't finished it yet but I love the author) is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I adore her books! I think you would like them too.

    I would love to see you do a vlog... but I understand how scary they are. I was so excited when I got my new computer in SEPTEMBER because it meant I could now do vlogs... so yeah, obviously that never happened :) Maybe if you do one, I could do one too!

  8. I'm totally with you on the season change, Danielle! I'm not a summer girl either... maybe it's an August baby thing ;) Even though I caught the end of summer here, having two winters in 2012 is something about which I'm rather pleased!

    So, it's a best book over winter for me... It's not fiction, but I just LOVED "Knowing God" by J.I.Packer. Just an incredible book, mainly by virtue of it's Subject :) The only downside was that I couldn't put it down... so I definitely need a slower re-read so my little brain has time to catch up and absorb it better! Not that that's really a negative, actually... :)

    Did you have a summer favourite?



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