Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 52: thirty-nine

Happy graduation day, Staish!

* * * * *


thelittlebluefishy -- yes! The
changing is the nicest part. Even the leaves know it's a new season! I'm jealous your birthday's in Autumn. My birthday's in the blusteriest, greyest part of Winter.

Brenda -- yay! I hope you do :).

Jess Axelby -- you should totally do a photoaday, especially since you're in an amazing new environment :D.

Cara -- YAY! I'm glad you'll be joining in the photo project! I agree with you; practice
has to help, surely. At least, I hope it does (otherwise I'd have not even a faint whisper of a chance to improve). I'm so glad you've been off adventuring to see your wee chubby nephew. What fun :D.

Katie -- I'll share them!

Un -- I'm ridiculously excited that you and Sam are thinking of doing the photo challenge! It really is fun, and it's a good reminder to take pictures each day. Thanks for being keen; I'll put my attempts on my blog just for you. They
are grainy iPod photos, but that's rustic and charming... right?

Caitlin -- it's not too much trouble at all :D. I'll maybe post them in weekly batches, I think.

Laura Elizabeth -- Okay, I really need to try and finish
The Shifting Fog, since you love it so much. I think maybe I've turned into a lazy reader? The size alone intimidates me! PS. Thank you for today. It was super cool hanging out with you and discussing great books and movies. PPS. It is more imperative that you post a vlog than that I do. Simply because I say it is.

Bloss -- August babies UNITE! You wrangled it pretty well getting two winters this year -- champion! Although maybe, as a result, Spring will be even more beloved for you when it comes around in September. Mm, meaty books like
Knowing God definitely require a re-read to take all the solid stuff in. I didn't read as much as I would've liked to over the Summer so it's hard to pick a favourite, but I've just started reading Veneer and it's so good. It's a discussion of how so much of our interactions these days involve us presenting a "profile" to the world, and how that really has nothing in common with genuine Christianity. It's intriguing.


  1. 39! Wow, I'm very behind. :/

    Hey, I wanted to say I'm sorry for not commenting more! I'm bad about blog commenting since I have to jump out of the reader to do it.


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