Friday, March 30, 2012

Twenty seven:

Happy birthday, Lauren. We love you quite a lot. 

* * * * *


Jess Axelby -- <3

Hannah -- and indeed it is.


  1. Let me guess. The dessert all on its lonesome looks like a Babka, and Lauren had the super choc sundae. I've tried the sundae and the souffle and I thought the souffle was better. But everything that comes from Max Brenner's tastes sensational. Well, the two things that I have tasted there were sensational. Though it's almost 12 months since I've been, so I think it's time I go again.

    Oh, and by the way Happy Birthday, Lauren. I really hope you enjoyed your day (and your Max Brenner's)

  2. So nice to see these! :) Looks like a fun time!

  3. Wow, a post about me! You got nice photos! Thanks for all the fun (and spoilage!)

  4. Happy birthday Lauren! Looks like you got to go to one of the most glorious of tasty places ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Lauren! It is a lovely photo of you, the last one... and Abi is so cute!


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