Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I've been up to:

  • road tripping to Sydney with my parents and littlest brother for one of my dad's classic bike race meets.
  • catching up with my very precious friend Meaghan and her equally precious family -- and meeting her niece, Carla and Alastair's gorgeous little girl, for the first time.
  • staying up entirely too late and talking about everything -- including the merits of cheeseburgers over chicken mcbites ;).
  • seeing my sister and being in raptures over my niece and nephews and how generally amazing and funny and adorable and cute they are.
  • getting to see other New-South-Wales friends briefly amidst busyness and fairytale bunting flags.
  • slogging through unsettling surprises.
  • wrapping gifts for my sister Lauren's birthday tomorrow. I am too young for my littlest sister to be turning 27. It's ridiculous.
  • seeing The Hunger Games oh, only about three times. Long rambling thoughts coming soon!
  • reading hefty stacks of information about Eleanor Aquitaine, marvelling at her feisty courage, shaking my head at her lack of marital loyalty, admiring her political chops, and feeling rather glad I didn't get in her way.
  • writing about the books I want to share with my nieces as they grow, and
  • listening to Jimmy Needham's recent release, Clear The Stage. It's exceptional. Track 4, Rock Bottom, is my favourite so far. Beautiful lyrics and classic Jimmy Needham tune: Over and over / You fill my heart with wonder / You take me by surprise / I can't believe my eyes / Wider and deeper / Just when I think I see you / I can stumble into the ocean water / I could search Your depths and never hit rock bottom.

Happy almost-weekend!


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