Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 52: forty-four and forty-five

Two of my most favourite people in the world --
my Mum and my wee youngest niece, both blue-eyed blondies.

* * * * *

A postcript: I've kind of dropped into unintentional hibernation as the end-of-semester tidal wave approaches (not just end-of-semester, but end of degree (yay!)). I had optimistic visions of myself sprinting gleefully to the finish line*, but 2012 has been a crazy whirlwind** (in the best possible way), and it feels more like I'm limping to the end instead. Regardless, it's been a good journey***, and I'm both sad and happy to see it concluded. Roll on postgrad studies (please, Jesus?)!

Anyway, just letting you know I might be a bit more absent than usual over the next few weeks. Also, thank you for your continued excellence in being the best real life and bloggy friends a girl could ask for. The last few weeks have been sprinkled with lovely acts of grace from people who probably don't realise just how giving they are. Getting a beautiful handwritten letter in the mail from someone across-the-sea (when I have been an incredibly poor correspondent) is just one example of grace upon grace. This, like other grace-gifts, points me back to the bigger picture of amazing grace. 

And so I've been thinking a bit about how grace, even the grace of a friend's unexpected letter, takes the bad news about me -- my inadequacies, my failings, my lack of -- and replaces it with another's good. Grace says, 'Whatever your failing may be, it doesn't matter anymore. I will give regardless.' Grace is the anyway, and that's a very beautiful thing.

So thanks, friends known and friends unknown, for your graces in my life, graces made evident through your reading, your comments, your shared creativity, your time, your words, and your warmth. You are a pretty fantastic bunch.

* the metaphor suddenly switched from the ocean to a marathon. Because that makes sense.
** and now we're couching it in terms of the weather.
*** and now it's a trip?

* * * * *


Thank you, brilliant friends, for your excellent questions for my About page. Can't wait to dive in! You're all so cool and creative. xx

Andrea -- you're welcome. NOW POST AGAIN ALREADY.
Abbie -- I'm loving that the 'girls' are all blogging, too. I keep dreaming of a family blog project, but so far no brilliant ideas :).

Caitlin -- books are just a necessary part of growing up, hey? xx

Katie -- your "when" rather than "if" in your published author question brightened me considerably :D.

Carla and Alastair -- we practically are related, aren't we? I mean, it feels like we are! Ooh, that would be so fun to write your "about" page! I'll email you about it after a few weeks, when school is done. Warning: it may turn out rather silly indeed.

livingintheshadowlands -- you're precious. Thank you.

harriet coombe -- I miss you, too! I was just reminiscing about your wedding, the other day. So beautiful...

Lauren -- haha!! Andrew Peterson's mum and dad, I guess :D PS. No, that effect was done with an app. Totally cheated.

HCH -- I love that you could relate to this.

Sarah -- rather like you girls -- a family of blogging ladies! By the way, I've really enjoyed keeping up with you girls (at least in my own meagre way) online.

Bloss -- you write the best blog comments. And of course I'll use your questions; they were awesome! Ugh, like you, I couldn't believe that someone would respond so negatively to the ad that Pete Peterson wrote. I'm discovering that some people really get joy out of raining on others' creative parades. It's such a shame! Love to you, lovely lady. xx


  1. Lovely post. Lovely pictures. Lovely people in lovely pictures.
    I feel like Dr Suess. :)

  2. Oh I love both of them! You would totally think grandmother and grandbaby, but you wouldn't usually picture me being the inbetween... funny.

    You take such beautiful photos!

  3. I love your thoughts on grace. They are excellent. Ironically for someone named for grace, I'm not good at it :P I get tired and cranky and fail at giving from my tiny human heart, and I suppose therein is the problem?

  4. Thanks, Danielle. Yes, it's been really wonderful keeping in touch online.
    It must indeed be a wonderful feeling to finish your degree. I guess I'll feel very much the same way when my turn comes...'limping to the finish line', lol=D! I feel like that already..haha!
    Well, the Lord be with you always. Yes, His grace is always sufficient, isn't it?

    God Bless,

  5. You are a very big 'anyway' to me.
    Love you.


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