Monday, May 28, 2012

Project 52: forty-six and forty-seven (plus bonus!)

The top picture (#46 of my Project 52) is an accurate representation of how my little brother sees life.* The middle picture (#47) is an accurate representation of my life currently, and for the next couple of weeks. And the bottom picture (a bonus!) is an accurate representation of the small furred thing that has been distracting the lot of us since she joined our family on Saturday. Her name is Taxi, she is eight weeks old, and she has single-handedly turned this household of frankly-we're-ambivalent-about-cats-people into -- simply -- cat people.

*When I saw that little scene on my parents' hall table, I cracked up. The soldier is so hardcore there with his military stance and his khaki. Pooh, on the other hand, is thinking, "If I just stand here smiling, this is all going to be just fine."

* * * * *


Andrea -- that comment sounded very Seussian! I'm impressed.

Lauren -- Maybe the blonde hair zigzags generations? You're the zag, and Mum and Abby are the zigs :D.

Domesticwarriorgoddess -- I think grace is a battle for all of us. It's a gift, and it's a struggle. For what it's worth, however, I think you are an excellent embodiment of charis.
Sarah -- yes, His grace is sufficient. Always good to be reminded of that. xx

Staish -- you are a beloved "anyway" in my world. Love you. PS. I love your "epitaph" question. That one'll take some serious mulling.

Elizabeth Simard -- You are precious. I almost sobbed writing it so we're even.


  1. In the second picture, the first thing I saw was the upside-down (dead) fish. :)

  2. KITTEN! Goodness, it's so cute. Look at those little white paws!

  3. Your pussy is :so cute:!! It's amazing how such a small ball of fur can bring forth such love and attention! :) I'm sure she'll be a source of much laughs and joy! I hope your studies go well- at least you have moments of light humor courtesy of Tain! Lots love x x

  4. Love Tain's sense of humour - you have such a lovely brother!!!

    And your kitten is absolutely gorgeous - makes me want one!!!

    Hope the uni studies are not too stressful...

    Much love :)

  5. A POST!!! :) Hooray! I was beginning to think we'd all have to wait til your uni was said and done!

  6. *squeal* Taxi is so SO CUTE!! We have 2 1/2 week kitties at home, and they're just getting to the really cutely wobbly playing stage . . . and I'm missing it!! They'll be old enough to leave home by the time I get back. (Sigh)
    Let me know when uni is done so I can bombard you with an epic e-mail . . . complete with nephew pictures. :)

  7. Abby was reaching out for Tain's toys :)

  8. These Pics are amazing,

    I love Tain's point of view, it made me smile

    And studying is so much fun, not!

    I love kittens, my sister has a lovely pair of kitties that make up for the fact that my beautiful girls are 10 and 15, were as hers are 10 weeks and 8 months old and so much fun its amazing how quickly people can turn into cat people when you add a kitty to there life.

  9. Such lovely pics, Danielle.
    I love kittens. They're so cute and playful:) This picture really makes me wish to have one, too:) Gracie would just looove that.

    I love Tain's humour. Poor Pooh...*sigh*

    Your desk is a familiar sight for me, of course...though I don't usually take hand-written notes...I like using Microsoft's OneNote. but I still love highlighters in readings:)

    Well, I must go to bed now....*yawn*...God bless you always.
    Love in Him,


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