Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just another manic Monday:

Sometimes it's fun to document a day in pictures and just see what happens. Last Monday I decided to do exactly that. I chose Monday because it's my standard 'normal' day each week. No music students, no English students; the goal is study and errands. I attempted to take a photo an hour, but sometimes I forgot or was late. This is the result! Above, about 8am, I think.

After breakfast, I duck next door into my Mum's kitchen to say hi.

Then I'm into homework -- a project analysing the print serial market in Australia, particularly special-interest publications focussed on writing, editing, and publishing. It was a big job, due the following Friday. And you did not really need to know all those boring details.

Final undergrad results are in which means I've officially completed my Bachelor degree. Wahoo!

Snaaaack time!

A phone call from my sister Andrea, who was reading The Hunger Games -- which we desperately needed to discuss with one another, of course.

An errand trip into town with the little bro. Tain took this photo and I think it's pretty cool. I've never really noticed how insistent that row of pedestrian crossing signs is. And look at that Queensland winter sun!

A library study date.

Here, have a photo of a fourteen-year-old eating a ham-and-cheese toastie with his mouth open. Relatedly, how cool is my local library?

Back home again (now sometime around 3 or 4) and back into the books.

I head into the family home to say hi to my sister Lauren, who has unexpectedly dropped by while James goes off fishing.

Abby's pretty excited about hunting down the cat.

At about 6pm, it's a dinner production line!

Spontaneous sister/mother/daughter time (plus Tain) means watching the season final of Downton Abbey together. Abby is amused.

I discover that I can't watch tv guilt-free when I have a hefty critical book review due in a week. I read some Dickens with one eye on the tv and one ear on the conversation.

James returns a little after 7.30.

More study!

And my wee kitchen needs some attention. I usually wash up about 11pm, which is kind of a dreadful habit.

Downtime -- with ugg boots.

Ablutions. I took a self-portrait brushing teeth, but I decided to protect Laura's anti-teeth-brushing sensitivities and post this shot instead.

Bible and bed at 12.40am. 'Night!

What's a Monday look like for you?

* * * * *


Andrea -- :D

Staish -- I'm not cut out to be a plumber, though. There was gagging involved.

Asea -- mesh covers sound super smart!

Carla and Alastair -- I suspect that the reason you've never thought to write a letter to your vanity drain is because you're normal.

Katie -- huzzah indeed!

Domesticwarriorgoddess -- your comment made my day! Thank you for enjoying my weirdness :).

Rebecca Simon -- haha, you're lovely!

Jess Axelby -- HARD TIMES foreverrrrr! I have to confess I'd forgotten how it ended though. I wasn't ready for the sadness :'(.

Meaghan -- I DID gag. *shudder*


  1. I love this post, and even though I spoke to you throughout that day it was so nice to see it in pictures too! Lauren's tummy!! Whoa, I haven't seen a picture for yonks...the bub is definitely growing! :) And Abby's wearing Amelia's little pants, so cute! :) I agree, Tain's picture is great. :)

  2. Your Monday looks absolutely gorgeous.

  3. This is an awesome post. You need to do picture stories more often.

    Oh, oh! What's your analysis on The Hunger Games?!?!

  4. I am glad I got to join you in this

  5. What a lovely Monday! All that study though... it's hard not being able to fully relax, eg in front of Downton Abbey! Just a season of life though, I guess, with it's drawbacks and joys! Looks like you're getting your teeth into good stuff though, and enjoying it - which is wonderful.

    Wow, Abby is growing fast! And don't worry, I seem to do my washing up at 11pm often too.

    Finally, (sorry, don't know if I should have noticed! But...) you did SO well!!! FAR OUT. Congrats on finishing, AND on the GPA, Danielle! You are Clever.


  6. Congratulations on having your bachelors complete now! What an accomplishment.;)
    Its funny: your copy of the Hunger Games looks so different than the one over here.;) Makes sense, I suppose.

  7. Your school stuff sounds really interesting. :) And I love your kitchen!

  8. Whoa... manic alright!!! I got tired out just reading it! :) But I also LOVED the picture story - it made me feel like I was visiting.. which I would so love to do... I hear my sister is making a trip up soonish! Lucky duckies! :) Now the pics... Tain is so funny :) and Lauren is growing! And Abby is so cute and cheeky! :) But ohmygoodness, do you ALWAYS go to bed that late?!?! xo

  9. It was fun to see these photos of your day - thanks for sharing! :) x x

  10. Awesome post!
    1. I didn't know you had music students! What do you teach? Guitar?

    2. Blueberry and almond? YUM! I didn't know that flavour existed. We're cranberry choc people here.

    3. Abby is c-u-t-e!!!! And so is Lauren's gorgeous belly.

  11. What a fun day-in-pics! At some point in time I will have to get a working camera again (maybe in my next phone?) and do this.

    I find that I cannot read and do anything else. At all. Other than eat food I'm not paying any attention to. Books eat My Whole Mind.

    My Mondays are about to change dramatically, and will more or less be:

    6:17 am get up, eat, etc
    7:00-7:30 am walk to campus
    8:00-9:00 am teach class
    9:00-10:00 am teach another class
    10:00-11:59 am swim
    12:00 pm eat lunch while doing homework
    1:00-4:00 pm do homework/mark papers in library/coffeeshop/office
    4:00-9:00 pm attend class
    9:30-10:00 pm walk home
    10:00-11:00 pm wind down (read, shower, etc)
    11:00 pm snore

  12. YOU DID A PHOTO OF YOUR TOOTHPASTE INSTEAD OF A TOOTHBRUSHING PICTURE??!?!?!?!?!!? You are THE cutest!!!!!!! Even the people that live with me forget about my weirdness and walk around the house brushing their teeth and only realise their mistake when I retreat into my room hurriedly. Friends for life, me and you!

    Also because of our conversation, I actually did a blog post!

    I feel like I say this always but I love your family!!

  13. Great post, Danielle! What a Monday that was:) All lovely photos...
    Congratulations again on finishing Undergrad degree:) Wish you the best with rest of studies...


  14. I love all your photos and wish I could comment on them all! But let me just say that Abby is amazingly cute and I'm pretty sure that your GPA is downright super! Congrats lovely xx


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