Saturday, August 4, 2012

Six things on a Saturday:

Over a month ago, Rachael tagged me to participate in her meme. But because I am lame and forgetful, I'm only just responding now, even though I love to be tagged in these fun pass-it-ons. The idea is to post five things I'm excited about or looking forward to, but because it's Saturday and because alliteration is cool, I'm going to post six. In order of chronology (mostly), I present to you:

Six things I'm looking forward to --

1. Dinner tonight with some of my Thursday night Bible study people. I predict there will be nice food, laughing, and dorky in-jokes.

2. Mid-semester break, and feeling less rushed, and maybe finishing some of the several dozen books I'm partway through. June and July were fairly pathetic months for me in the reading deparment. I read lots of things, but only a few whole books from start to finish. I miss stories!

3. The release of The Hunger Games dvd on August 13th. I love this story and especially Jennifer Lawrence's embodiment of Katniss. She did a brilliant job. Oh and Cinna of course. And Rue! And Haymitch!! Also, I'm really really hoping to have a Capitol party. Capitol fashion, hair, and makeup, yo!

4. Visits from excellent people. This week I've especially been thinking lots about my precious friend Meaghan's visit, planned for October, and my sister's delayed 30th birthday visit spectacular in December. It's all gonna be so much fuuuun!

5. A new little niece or nephew sometime early in October (we hope early, anyway! The waiting is too painful). I keep imagining a nephew but I suspect that no matter whether he or she, it'll be a happy surprise. A whole new little person to love and squish and adore!

6. Posting a little pre-birthday giveaway here at the blog sometime this weekend. Not to be exclusive or anything, but it's mostly aimed at writer-types. Stay tuned for that and don't go anywhere. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Hey Mum, Andrea, Lauren, Laura, Bloss, and Staish, wanna play along? Tag -- you're it!

* * * * *


Andrea -- I didn't know they were Amelia's little pants. That is pretty cute to think that there's a hand-me-down exchange in action in our family. We're all growing up!

Katie -- it really was. I'm quite a fan of Mondays, even though it's sort of uncool :).

Mini Cooper -- I will definitely attempt to do picture stories more often :). My analysis of The Hunger Games: well, I am a huge fan. I started reading them before they were the next big thing, and I'm happy about that because otherwise I may well have avoided them like the plague. I don't think they are literary masterpieces, but I do think they are excellent stories told compellingly and well. There is something really captivating (and slightly terrifying) about Katniss's story, and I just think it appeared on the scene at precisely the right time. It's far enough from reality to have that element of fantasy, but close enough to reality to make you stop and think. In short: loved the series, even though (or maybe because) it wrung my emotions dry.

Mothercare -- I'm glad too :).

Bloss -- yes, it's hard to always have one mind on deadlines, but it's fascinating and fun enough to keep me coming back for more, too. I'm just a nerd! Aw, and thank you for your lovely congratulations! *hearts and flowers*

Amanda -- we have so many different imprints of The Hunger Games over here now! There's a much nicer edition than mine; it's just black with the mockingjay silhouette and it looks so much cooler.

Brenda Wilkerson -- yes, my studies are focussed on really cool stuff. I'm loving it (just not always doing enough of my homework :P).

Staish -- :D I read your comment completely in your voice, with all your inflections.

Carla and Alastair -- that was actually pretty chilled compared to some days lately. Whew! And yes, I do mostly go to bed that late. I'm working on improving this situation as it's positively shameful! PS. Someday you'll be up here, too, joining the chaos. I believe it!

Abbie -- you are welcome :).

Rebecca Simon -- yes, I've taught music since I was fifteen -- piano! And yes, Lauren definitely makes pregnancy look good.

Asea -- your soon-to-be Mondays look chaotic but also really cool. The student life is pretty fun, even if it gets a little crazy at times. And you're teaching AND studying!

Laura Elizabeth -- Friends for liiiiiife! Also I'm pretty thrilled you did a blog post. Heading right over to check it out! (PS. You can say you love my family as much as you want because I will always agree with you :D).


  1. Nice list! first tag!

  2. You know what I'M excited about?'re birthday!
    It's gonna be AMAZING!

  3. Yes!! I might even do this post now... because I sort of don't have anything better to do!

    Also... is that a Nerds rope I spy you eating?!!? They're just the best, aren't they?!

    I don't think we talked at all about your sis being pregnant again. How delightful!!!! Yay! (Late) congratulations to the happy family :)

  4. Yes!! I might even do this post now... because I sort of don't have anything better to do!

    Also... is that a Nerds rope I spy you eating?!!? They're just the best, aren't they?!

    I don't think we talked at all about your sis being pregnant again. How delightful!!!! Yay! (Late) congratulations to the happy family :)

  5. I hope you enjoy those looked-forward events, Danielle:0)! Many of them look really exciting, indeed...another niece and nephew in particular...well, that is really exciting!...wishing you all the best always.
    God bless,

  6. Love that photo at the top!! It makes me want to run out right now and buy nerd straws...yuuuum!! Also, such a great idea. I'm going to do this. Such a lovely way to put a positive spin on the future!

  7. I just love the picture, but what on earth is hanging out of your mouth?? It looks very cool, whatever it is! And you are very beautiful. :)

    Argh... Meaghan's visit.... I wish I could fit into her luggage... it's making me miss you guys! I haven't seen Lauren since her wedding - so of course I haven't met Abby either! :(

  8. Loved 'catching' up with you through this post!

  9. Cute picture. I can't wait for the Hunger Games either and I wish I could come to your Capitol party! You'd better make sure there are photos... I'm excited that you're getting a new person added to your family too! And asdfjalsd;fkasdfkajsd excited about my visit :D x

  10. Ahh, I only just saw this O_O

    Loved it.


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