Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 52: twenty-two

-- I took a grand total of four photos on my DSLR this week, none of them
brilliantly-lit or well-composed. Nevertheless, here is
Lady Abby the Gumworthy, slowly eating her uncle.
You see, Abby is not content with the so-called
Five Love Languages, so she invented a
sixth: eating. If Abby loves you,
she will eat you.
That's all there is to it.

* * * * *

In other news, I've very much missing replying to your comments via Conversations. I had no idea how attached I was to interacting back with you all in that way. Never mind -- just a few weeks more of intense schoolishness, and I will turn my attention to such niceties as blog comments (and actually reading all your wonderful blog posts). Thanks for being my friends, even ones I've never met.


  1. Two words...ADORABLE!

  2. Considering you only took a few photos this week, good thing one of them was a winner! So adorable. Those cheeks are just so precious!! I do love the idea of eating being a love language. It explains my love of food so clearly!

  3. I hope those few weeks of schoolishness fly by and reward you with a lovely break in no time at all. :)

  4. She is just gloriously gorgeous!! Makes you want to squish her!! :)

  5. She's a cutie pie for sure and eating can certainly be a love language ;)
    I like how it's in black and white. My Project 52 is not up yet... *sigh*
    But I promised myself that I will do it today!

  6. I love this post! I love that your niece's name is Abby, and I love that she looks so hug-able and pinch-able and cuddle-able. The name is pretty much all she has in common with my Abby (except the extra cuteness) and I thought about printing this post out and hanging it by my Abby's bed. Except that might give her ideas.
    This does sound incredibly freaky, given that my Abby is more than two decades older than yours . . . didn't mean to sound creepy. Blame in on NaNo brain.
    Cara :)


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